Friday, January 2, 2009

Survey Results

Survey Results Are Here!

Results are in and here is how you voted!

Best New Kids Match 31 people voted

Jonathan 41%
Donnie 25%
Jordan 12%
Joe 2%
Danny 1%

Dream Date 29 people voted
Jonathan 37%
Donnie 20%
Joe 20%
Jordan 13%
Danny 6%

Favorite New Kid 26 people voted

Jonathan 42%
Donnie 26%
Joe 19%
Jordan 7%
Danny 3%

Way to go Jon! (Guess the daily voting on my part helped out. JUST KIDDING JANELLE! I did NOT vote more than once.)

1 comment:

  1. WOAH BABY! Whats up with Joe? No one voted for him! Ahhhh too bad hes all for me I guess and I don't have to share!!! LOVE YA JOE!!


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