Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Chicago Concert review is in...blogspot is strange and posts your entries as you start them rather than post them...We started this post a while ago---but just finished uploading the pictures and posted it...sooooooooooooooo, for the review see 2 posts down.

Thanks! :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cruise 2010

As you all have heard by now NKOTB CRUISE 2010 is confirmed!!! I'm so excited but also very sad...

I'm going to try to go but Stacey won't be able to join me...this is so sad...it won't be the same without her...so let's all pray she wins the lottery and can go! OK!?

Oh I also promise that I'll do better about updating our blog...we've been so so so bad about it this summer, I know...once the kids go back to school I'll be able to focus more on it...so please bear with me until then! (Hope I used the right "bear" in that sentence)

I was so sad to not be able to go to the Texas shows, being they were in my state and all..but I just couldn't get away....total bummer...but I did view the webcast (did ya'll get it?) It was awesome, and I actually kinda felt like I was there in a weird way! it was amazing!! How do these guys do it, again and again!? it's crazy!! I love them! LOL

Ok so I'm asking for help...I want your best concert pic of the FULL SERVICE tour...submit it to one of two e-mail addresses:

stalkerfest09@gmail.com or missionmiller6@gmail.com we'll post them for all to see!! I know some of you had great seats...also we'll be spot lighting Meet and Greets--so send in your M&G photo. This should be fun..if you have a cool story with your M&G then tell it and we'll post it so everyone can hear you gush! LOL We all love these guys--let's hear it girls!! (and guys if we have any)

Until then... "LET'S CRUISE THIS!" :D

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

This one time....in Chicago.....


Please excuse any screaming you may hear....my bad...I forget and get caught up as any NKOTB fan would...I can't help it, I see my boy and just loose my head!!! I've gotta make a Youtube account then I'll upload my videos :)

Due to computer problems...(hard drive crash) Janelle lost all videos from the Chicago concert.

The weekend was amazing. I'll post pictures too.

first off I am from deep (we're talking edge of the USA deep) south Texas...but the family vacation fell perfectly for this little trip, and since we were heading up Minnesota and Chicago is only a measly 7-8 hours away--well heck...why can't I convince everyone that we're doing this....so it was ON....like DONKEY KONG!!!

Meet up with our friend Kristin who took me back to her house where we got pizza and talk NKOTB :D

The next day Stacey and Krystal (KG) showed up and the road trip began. First...we had a small surprise for our friend Krystal...her best friend from Arizona was coming too---little did Krystal know! it went off perfectly and she was floored. It was the best surprise ever! LET THE ROAD TRIP BEGIN!!!

We left around 6 pm from Minneapolis...arrived in Chicago (after a few near death experiences....well one really...our driver, dear sweet Kristin (Kris) took an exit in Wisconsin a wee bit fast....my vision filled with the bushes and trees that seemd to be coming straight for us...but her quick agility and driving skills saved us and we made it to the gas station...and I stumbled into the bathroom to *FINALLY* get some relief....too much coca-cola....*SIGH* oh yeah you've all been there...you know what I'm talking about that "I can't think of anything but going potty, stop now before I wet myself" yeah that feeling....but anywaaaaaay....
okay on a side note from me, Stacey, when in the car with 4 fellow blockheads and you are jamming out to NKOTB all night and everyone is singing Step by Step...do not I repeat do not sing your favorites part because as "friends" oh yeah I used the "" on this one ...they will turn down the radio just as you start to sing and embarrass you! NICE! Okay back to Janelle's rambling...I mean story telling.

No roadtrip is complete without food: Beef Jerky, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Mt. Dew, Chewy Sweet Tarts, Snack-in, Starbucks & RedBull.

we crashed shortly after we got there...maybe cuz it was 2:45 am maybe it was cuz the next day was our Stalkerfest!! Either way we couldn't wait to get up the next morning (Well I couldn't I ws up and going at 6:30) LOL...grabbed breakfast and headed back up to the room where the two lazy bums (that'd be Stacey and Kristin) swapped and went downstairs while the others (Vanessa (KG's friend from AZ) and me and KG got our stuff together to get ready head to the venue.

We arrive at the Venue...it's on lock down baby..there would be no waiting for busses there! CRAP!

what better way to pass time than to DECORATE THE COOL-MOBILE!! (aka..mini van)....so fun!! seriously if you've never done this--it's a riot--not only decorating it but seeing the looks of people that pass by or stop next to you at the light...priceless!! the only downer of that time...was the fact that we got kicked out of the parking lot when there were only THREE (count them...ONE, TWO, THREE) cars there!! whatever...HATERS! what's wrong with using the parking lot? we weren't being rowdy or obnixious....just kicking us out for what reason!? grrr...but I'm not bitter! LOL

Donnie twittered that Jason (his new assistant from South Carolina with the heavy drawl) would be at Dick's sporting goods passing out tickets...so we decided to go down and pay-it-forward. We got our tickets, and our photo with Jason who was so sweet....then left and headed to the Venue!!! EEEEKKKK *THUNK*

Janelle's First RedBull

Stacey and me were sitting in 10th row...we found our seats right away after dropping off our books for Joe's Letgetthis.org foundation. (everyone please bring a book...it's for the children!!) and WOW the seats were AWESOME!!!!! we were stoked! (oh yeah I said it....STOKED!!!)

Jon had a little friend visit him in Chicago..miss Debra Gibson---we caught a glimpse of her backstage...pictures are all fuzzy and crappy cuz it was too far away and too dark. (I'll post them if you wanna see them though)

Jabba came out and MJ had died the day before so they did a tribute to him...it was very nice. Jesse Mcartney came out (can I say he's a little arrogant thing...oh yeah he thinks he's the cats meow....but oddly it's not in a yuck way..it's more kinda cute..isn't that weird?) but anyway it was time for NKOTB to come out!!!! EEEEKKKK!!! I love that feeling just before they come out, the crowd is cheering, the tension is high, the excitement is so thick you could cut it with a knife.....ahhhh that's the concert experience!!

The show was amazing...I'm going to let the pictures speak for themselves....but humma humma!! what a SHOW!!! SO GREAT!! if you have a chance to see a show...RUN..don't walk to the ticket window and get yourself a TICKET!!!

I'm gonna post pictures...but I'm letting Stacey tell you about after the show...(No we didn't meet them but there is a cute story in there)

Okay after the show...we took off to find the Denny's because that is what Donnie said. He said they would be doing Denny's and Cracker Barrell. Well since CB closes at 11 or 11:30 p.m. Denny's it was. I was texting Jen and Becca as we were going to see what they were doing. They got back with the busses/crew. We went back over to the venue after learning that the guys hadn't even left yet. Jen texted me that they were coming out and to meet her at door 2. I thought she and Becca were leaving but when we got there it was her and Keven...a.k.a. Cruncy Kevin. Kevin was super nice and let me, Janelle, Van & Krystal back. We all sat out in front of the busses and just chat. It was so much fun. We did not get to meet or even see any of the guys but it was cool just sitting there visiting with our friends. When we finally did leave the bus area we watched all the buses leave. Kristen started to walk back to the van and the rest of us waited until Jon's bus passed us. After it left Kristen was waving at us like a crazy woman...apparently after Jon's bus passed us...he came out front of the bus for a cigarette break and stuck his head out the window and waved at Kristin....I was like are you fricken kidding me. We all hopped in the van and did what any stalker would do. We followed Jon's bus...I mean hello who wouldn't. So instead of taking the interstate like all the other busses did...they get on the interstate and then go back through town...after small town after small town. We are all chatting away and Kristen said that if we cross into Indiana she was gonna be pissed. We are all laughing and joking talking about the show etc. etc... I swear not 2o minutes later I look up and there it is people......WELCOME TO INDIANA! We all were laughing so hard! Finally everyone is like what are we gonna do? They make me decide what we are going to do. Seriously people? You are gonna ask the Jon girl...who is following her man...to make the decision about whether or not we are gonna continue to follow him? Thanks girls! So even though I didn't want to stop....I said lets just turn around. I knew that they were tired and wanted to go back to the hotel....so that is what we did...we stopped and got food and drove back to the hotel.

The next morning we got up and went and had lunch/breakfast with Van's Mom. After lunch we headed out on the long road trip back to MN. It was the best weekend ever! Near death experience....Chicago pizza.....oh did I mention NKOTB? Thanks to all the Chicago girls for making this one trip I will never forget! Love ya!

More pics & videos will be posted as they are sent/found on computers etc. Enjoy! Please leave feedback.