Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

What are YOU thankful for??

We can't answer that question for you but for us we're thankful for all our followers, visitors, family and friends as well as these guys

when searching for pictures of Thanksgiving images on google I saw this and knew--this had to be our Thanksgiving turkey here at NKOTBStalkerfest.blogspot.com, after all Cruise2011 is just around the corner!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

May your day be filled with good food, good family, good friends and ZERO weight gain!  Many blessings wished upon you from us, on Thanksgiving and this Holiday Season!

Thanksgiving Blessings,
Janelle & Stacey

Monday, November 22, 2010

Some Respect For NKOTB's tour Mates BSB

Sick of pics yet?  Didn't think so! still more!! thanks to all these fabulous photographers for capturing an EPIC moment in music history!

This post is a mix of BSB and NKOTB--a little respect to BSB for an amazing performance last night....and honestly, there's some eye candy in the Backstreet Boys too!

*no copyright infringement intended...if you are the owner and would like them removed please let us know we'll take them down ASAP*

For Tif

one of my bff's loves Howie from BSB like I love Donnie...so Tif, this is for you!

Article: NKOTBSB

AMAs: Justin Bieber Wins Awards, Boy Bands Win Hearts

Read more: http://newsfeed.time.com/2010/11/22/amas-justin-bieber-wins-awards-boybands-win-hearts/#ixzz161kaVKly

Justin Bieber goes four-for-four at Sunday night's American Music Awards, but the true takeaway was that New Kids On The Block and Backstreet Boys put on a combined performance to end the show and indeed show Bieber how to rock it, 90s style.
Starting with Bieber, he won entertainer of the year, breakthrough artist of the year, favorite pop/rock male and favorite pop/rock album for My World 2.0. "I come from the smallest town in the world, of like 30,000 people; I never thought this was possible," he gushed, before paying tribute to the late King of Pop. "I want to thank Michael Jackson, because without Michael Jackson none of us would be here."
But nothing was going to stop the joint juggernaut that we are hereby all obliged to acknowledge as NKOTBSB. The boybands, who have teamed up in more ways than one as they will be embarking on a joint tour next summer, performed a medley for the ages. Backstreet Boys chipped in with "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)", "I Want It That Way", and "Larger Than Life" whereas New Kids offered up "Step By Step", and "You Got It (The Right Stuff.)" (sadly, there was no room for NKOTB's finest moment, "Games.")
Backstreet Boys' Nick Carter said he's honored to share a stage with his musical forefathers. "We appreciate and respect everything that these guys have done for the music industry, and now it's just great to be together. I think that's what's awesome."
You know what's awesome, Nick? Your teaming up with NKOTB is the modern equivalent of Messrs. McCartney and Jagger deciding that there might be interest in The Beatles and Rolling Stones doing something similar. Except NKOTBSB can bring dance routines and way better hairlines into this particular equation. NewsFeed, along with the rest of the enraptured world (that includes you, Bieber) will hold onto its hat and declare that the boy band is well and truly dead, replaced by the man band. Resistance, as always, is futile.

Read more: http://newsfeed.time.com/2010/11/22/amas-justin-bieber-wins-awards-boybands-win-hearts/#ixzz161kPMXSG

more AMA goodies

Um,, hello, Donnie could you try to pay attention? :)

Now for some EYE CANDY---No copy right infringement intended if you would like us to take these photos down (and you are the owner) please contact us.

 not loving Jon's Vanilla Ice hair 

(OK technically not a NKOTB but he's part of NKOTBSB)

Hopefully I didn't add doubles...then again if I did...are you gonna complain? These are amazing pics! :)

MY Donnie---

I literally gasped outloud when I saw this---wow this could be my NEW favorite pic!

Joe from AMA's

Uh--wow! :)


Thanks to You've Got Tweets who uploaded this beast in HD!

Now while BSB and NKOTB hit some sour notes (really though, who didn't) they KILLED it! Did you hear the crowd? Did you see them on their feet. Did you see the smiled and happiness of those people dancing and singing along? That's the power of a boyband. A little indulgence in a simple melody that brings happiness to your heart and a smile to your face. Not to mention incredible eye candy and some killer moves on the dance floor.

I do think they could have giving a little more space between Joe and Jordan--poor Jordan's mic was being hit by Joey's elbow! :) And how did awesome did Step 4 sound with the combined vocals of Joe and Nick? WOW loved it.

And while it was a little cheesy to bring back the Right Stuff dance...I can't imagine how it could have gone down without it! :) Let's face it... ALL YOU PEOPLE CAN'T YOU SEE, CAN'T YOU SEE N-K-O-T-B-S-B...that's stuck in your head isn't it? ;o) They gots skills, I tell ya!

I'm so excited to see the concert this summer I'm willing to shell out big bucks to get it done..damn them! :)

Friday, November 12, 2010

ET clip

Thanks to Yikes77 for posting this on YouTube

Twitter Questions Answered on Jimmy Fallon

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The NEW nkotb.com

We caved, I'll admit it. We spent the $80 bucks to get the membership. With the NKOTBSB tour announced how could we NOT? So friend us!!!! http://nkotb.com/users/NKOTBStalkerfest

Just when I thought this ride was winding down, they drop the joint tour on us. Now you have to understand me...I'm a Boy Band Junkie!!! Seriously, my love for boybands started with NKOTB, when they left the scene I found happiness in both NSync and BSB....this joint tour is going to be phenomenal. While I know in my head it's CRAZY to fork out over 500 bucks on a night...I can't help but think...I'm totally going to oh and hey, pssst...I'm dragging Stacey down with me.

Why? Because I can't say no to this. I can't. Why? Because the plain fact of the matter is this: This ride is going to end. It will end, they'll fade back away and I'll be waiting for one more show, one more cruise, one more....and it won't come. I'm not going to live in regret, I'm not going to live with "If I'd only gone that one time--" Life is short. Money is there to be made, I hate my job, but I love the rewards I'm able to reap by sticking it out. When I pay off that visa card with the cruise on it, and step on that boat...it'll be no regrets because this ride ain't over yet!!!

 I am fully aware I'm extremely blessed to have 1) a cooperative husband. 2) A Job 3) the ability to spend my paychecks on whatever I want without having to justify it to anyone. I know many people aren't as fortunate...I'm sorry for them. I wish everyone was able to enjoy every moment, every city, every opportunity that they wished to experience...but let's be real. We all live in the real world where bills come in, payments are due, some are single parents, some have husbands that don't/won't understand, some just don't have the money. I hope you can at least find your way to a show near you--even if it's the nose-bleed seats (If you want to) but ya know even if you can't make it to a show, I hope you can ride along, live vicariously through those that can and be at peace with that.

Funny Moments

Just good ole fashion boys-being-boys  Thanks to xxMikey90xx who made these awesome videos!





UStream NKOTBSB chat

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Funniest moment

I find this to be the funniest moment of the 2010 Cruise.  I laughed till I cried on the beach and I'm still laughing every time I see it now! Check out the Lyrics, then Joe's reaction...can you say priceless!!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Today Ryan Seacrest announced that NKOTB would be joining forces with Backstreet Boys for a tour.  Grab your extra panties, shove them in your purse cuz it's happening!!!


twitter was all...well--a twitter with the news!  A fantasy come true!  Here are some links in case you're not on "THE TWITTER" and missed all the excitement!




and don't forget to follow them on Facebook:


So the million dollar question is...how many times will we crash the ticketing place? :)

Love this news!! Happy Wednesday ya'll!

Sunday, October 31, 2010


MissKris2U made this little beauty!! LOL I think it's adorable and honestly, she's so talented with her photoshop skills! Wish I could just take out backgrounds and lighten pictures up when they need it but that program is so confusing!!!  Props to her. (I hope you don't mind us using your photo for Halloween) if you do, let me know I'll take it down, if you don't mind--thank you!

The ToyStory MacFamily :)

I don't know about you but I'm thinking Donnie's a pretty good Cop/Dective...so in MY world he's going as that:

Jon Knight wants to go as a dancer---but he has a few concerns about his body image (Don't we all!)  But (MissKris2U) has managed to sneak a pic of him trying on his costume and I think it looks just fine! :)

Bet Joe could show him a few moves to make him more authentic

No matter what they decide to go out as tonight I hope they all have a HAPPY and SAFE Halloween!!!