Saturday, January 31, 2009

Last Joey Pic of the Month :(

It's been fun---but Joey your time is done...Next month is Jon-boy month (in honor of Stacey's b-day on the 22nd)...so all my Joey fans...enjoy the pics and I hope you enjoyed January--We'll get back to him again...in about 4 more months! LOL

Here's what ya'll want...so enjoy!

Friday, January 30, 2009


Just for you Mrs. Dew
(hmmmm....I suddenly have a craving for Cheesy Balls)

Party Like a Rock Star!.....
okay so maybe not but we will have fun for sure.

If you are in the area tomorrow then stop on over.
We are having a NKOTB Birthday/Party.

Janelle, Vanessa, Gerri & Rebecca we wish you were here!

Stay tuned for pics and stories from our NKOTB weekend.


Thanks to all you entered the contest....we got some great shots!! (aren't any shots of these 5 hotties great though!?) LOL...anyway---

Pictures are numbered between 1 and 18 (number is under each photo)










Pick the one you like the best! Then vote!! A poll is set up to the right -------------->
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Joe Pic of the day!!

Here ya go girls...let's really go out with a bang!!

*Oh yeah...going out with a bang all right!*

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Joey Pic Of The Day

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hey girls go and check this out......so cool!


What you get from Live Autographs and
New Kids on the Block
Live Autographs A unique video message from all the New Kids, where you tell your favorite New Kid what to say just to you
Live Autographs A totally cool piece of New Kid memorabilia, picked by you and signed by all the New Kids on the Block
Big Girl Video with Lady Gaga

Jon seems to be enjoying watching her....he didn't sing one word.


So many times you post Donnie Pics just for me..so this post, is JUST FOR YOU!!! ENJOY STALKER FRIEND!!

now here's one for all those going on the Pirate Ship with NKOTB! get ready--these are some SEXY PIRATES!!


...and he said he wouldnt' show anyone my bra!!!

Caption This...


Joey Pic of the day

Only 4 days of Joey month is left...so I'm gonna try to double up sometimes...just so you can get a little more eye candy! :)

We're working on getting all the contest entries loaded so we can vote on the winner...so hang in there, taking longer than anticipated!!!

On to Joey---here ya go!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

random thoughts...

I have a problem....

It's Donnie...

Ok so somedays I have random thoughts that go parading through this brain of mine. Last night I had two crazy New Kids related dreams...(nothing spactular, sorry...granted not as sorry as I...LOL)
So it got me thinking...which as you've probably found out leads to crazy results. As you guys are aware Stacey and I are going on the NKOTB cruise, also, I'm going to the Hidalgo, TX show...it would totally suck if after all that I still don't actually speak to Donnie. My goodness, I've done it twice now...once when I was 17 (maybe 16??) remember back in the day when Donnie used to hide in the Laundry baskets...well, I knew (somehow cuz back in the day we didn't have this nifty little device called "the internet") but I knew...I saw it being wheeled out and dashed out of my seat and flew down the steps, managing to sneak through before security got there. There I was all alone and Donnie pops out, the crowd goes wild (Just like they do now) and Donnie runs off the stage to the left side pauses to glance up before heading backstage. I totally make eye contact, standing there all alone against the rail is me, with my Donnie tee-shirt, curly hair, NKOTB earrings (hey back then you HAD to be decked out to be a "fan") not only that I had on my stone washed jeans, rolled at the ankle, of course. And when he paused, looked up and we made eye contact...what did I do?
*Hangs head in shame* I clutched my camera, white-knucked, gaping at him until he turned away and headed back stage. Only then did I remember to snap a pic (of him leaving) and have the sense to call out--by then it was too late. I turned to my friend (who was stopped by security) then took off for Stacey, her mom, our other friend Beth and Dana...gushing "OMG DID YOU SEE THAT?!?!" but I never spoke to him.

What is it about that man that gets me...everytime...he GETS me. I hold my breath, gape wide-eyed and lose all coherent thoughts. :(

So now as I head for a 4 day cruise with the man himself....someone help me...give me tips (besides "remember he's just a regular guy" cuz know that, it makes NO difference, cuz to me he's NOT a regular guy, especially after meeting him in St. Paul. He lived up to everything I had ever expected him to be.)

I don't know why I freeze up....can only gaze at him with donut-glazed eyes, silly stupidified grin on my face....perhaps I need therapy to get over this malfunction in my brain...or perhaps one of you have the magic words I need to hear for it to click...I mean seriously Stacey had like a 5 minute conversation with Jon at our 5*...she was at ease, talking in sentences, making sense....what happens if he says "Hi" and I reply "I like ice cream!" But I HAVE to talk...I HAVE to...not that I have anything to say but in my mind I have so much to say--most of it just chatter about this and that (cuz apparently we're gonna be sharing drinks and playing poker all night or something) LOL....ahhh the day-dreams of a stalker. Mine are almost always very normal and sane....it's just when I get near him I freeze up...

Any advice?! How does a girl just get over it...how do I suck it up and do it? HOW? will this insanity ever stop or what!? I need to GET OVER IT! WTH is wrong with me!?
Watson....Operation Secret Squirell....my Jon you are a busy boy
Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

Greetings from one of the best cities in the world! Just enjoyed a day
off in London. Can we just stay here? I’m getting so tired of packing
and unpacking everyday. Its all your fault, but I thank you for this
one misery I have to suffer (LOL). Watson got sent home on the first
plane to America this morning. I found his behavior to be a bit erratic
lately. I hear he was the cause of our continued economic downfall
Monday morning. The majority of you were not up to full working
capabilities due to staying up half the night waiting for some video to
be posted on the web. I wasn’t at that show and haven’t seen the video.
I did hear something about his a** being all over YouTube though.
Hopefully some upcoming time off will do him good. He told me he is
feeling extremely tired and home sick. The cold and rainy weather,
constant air travel, and being in a different time zone is sure taking
its toll on the poor guy! We all now he is no spring chicken these days
and damp weather is hard on the arthritis! Good thing he loves what he
does, so he will be just fine! In the mean time, I am here by myself
and will fill in for him during his absence. He said he can’t wait to
join me again sometime soon. I’m not sure when he will be back because
he shows up at really random times. He said something about a cruise in
May, not sure if he was talking about the cruise that I will be on with
some of you……I guess we will have to wait and see!


ps. You can now blog about my multiple personalities PH
pss. Operation squirrel, not gonna happen!
psss. Travelin Jon needs a plastic surgeon. What’s up with that nose?
pssss. Jessica Jones needs a vacation, what a girl! If I was the
president you’d be my press secretary
psssss. Starbucks in Europe needs half and half its just not right with
plain milk
pssssss. Hi Mom
psssssss. Wow its 5:48 and I have to be on a bus in a few hours
pssssssss. Good night!

Joe Picture for the day...

The Mac Month is almost over...but it's not yet...so ENJOY joey fans...next month in celebration of Stacey's birthday it's JON month!! Lordy Lordy I need a DONNIE FIX!

:o) "Hi Welcome to Starbucks, what can I getcha today?"

Yes! let's get that ass!

Monday, January 26, 2009


A) I don't question the tight @ss

B) I do question his choice of flag...hello!? wrong country!!
awe, who am I kidding he could wear nothing on that @ss and I'd be happy...actually I'd perfer that! LOL