Saturday, January 24, 2009

Joe Pic 'o The Day another contest entry!!


hahahah, gotcha, I don't have any neeked pics of New Kids...but Thanks for the Pics Tracy---you are so funny!!! I love the one of you and Donnie in bed. LMAO!!! I have to warn our blog viewers if your not into "bed" shots best close out now! tracy's gettin' her nasty on!!

But first....there's some concert pics too entered into our contest. ENJOY!! we'll be ending this Tomorrow, so get your entries in!!

Love all the Donnie Smiling Shots Tracy!! they're awesome!!!


Here's the Joey Pic of the day for all you loyal Joe followers and the not-so-loyal but rather Lustful Joey fans!! ENJOY!!


  1. haha...thanks!! :) I figured that doing a little work with photo shop may be the only way that I ever end up in bed with donnie! :) I took things into my own hands, girls! haha

  2. Janelle are you from Mission? Did you go to the NKOTB concert back in 1989? I did I cried so hard, but at least they will go back and it will all be better. *fingers crossed*

    LOVE the videos and pics on your page.

    Patty G


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