Friday, January 16, 2009

Shout out...and your daily dose of Joey!

Here ya go ladies, you little addicts..here's your Joey-Fix!

*ho-hum, I'm so bored sitting here without a shirt on looking sexy*

Hey guys!! what's going on today!? It has come to my attention that we've been so bad about giving thanks to those special people that have allowed this obsession to go on for *cough*20*cough*years. LOL.

So let's start at the beginning....

Thank you New Kids for everything that you do, the endless photo shoots, screaming fans, stalker fans (the real kind of Stalker), the papparazzi and concerts. Putting your personal life out there and being in the spotlight 24/7....for sharing it all with us. You all ready know we love you--but thank you for everything you do for OUR ENTERTAINMENT....and Donnie...*whispers* call me. :)

Thanks to my friends, Tiffany, Jenny, Dee Dee, Beth, and of couse Stalker-Stacey!! My cohorts in this little rollercoaster we call NKOTB! For the memories, laughs, shoulders to cry on and indulging in my "DON'T EVEN LOOK AT HIM" (though the threats were real) LOL. I love you all...from the bottom of my heart. Thanks to NKOTB who brought us together your my sisters now and forever!!!

Thank you to our parents for allowing the multiple posters to plaster our bedrooms, our allowances that allowed us to purchase Big Bopper, Bopper, Tutti Frutti and others, christmas money/presents that helped fuel out obsession, concert tickets, driving us to said concerts (THANK YOU KAREN (<--- Stacey's mom) and sorry I ran off on ya when I was 16 and freaked you out...but OMG it was a FREE POSTER! (and I was 16, blonde and totally clueless and obsessed...forgive me?), The sleepovers that you let us have so we could squeal over Hangin' Tough Live and practice our dance moves to make them just like theirs were in the videos. thanks to Mom-Karen too for coming back from Montana to watch the kiddo's and let us get together again and do this cruise so Stacey can take a break!! We love you guys!!

(me and my friend Tiffany, in the early years, it got much worse down the road...we moved to a bigger house and I got a room with two closets..one entire closet was an NKOTB closet which held the comic books, books, puzzles, posters, dolls (that weren't Donnie, cuz I slept with those)...it was AWESOME!)

Thanks to my ex-boyfriend who found fan fiction that my friends and I wrote, when his mom grabbed homework for me from my locker when I was sick and he ran it over to me. Talk about embarassing...but he was totally nice about and was just like "I think my mom grabbed the wrong notebook" I was 7 shades of red, pink, magenta and violet but he never spoke about it again. (probably terrified)

(oh yeah....your seeing it right....that's my senior picture)

Thanks to our hubbys for letting us do these crazy things and taking care of the house and providing for our family---enough so that we have the opportunity to go on these crazy things!! WE LOVE YOU HEART & SOUL!

Finally, all our followers on our blog...ya'll have been great and so encouraging in this whim we have. While we could have a blog without you--what fun would it be? It's just better when there's awesome fans like you to share it with!! THANK YOU!


*wow did I just accept an Oscar?* LOL

Stacey you'll have to find some pics of you and post them! LOL I can't find any of my old pics, these were in my NKOTB scrapbook.

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