Friday, January 16, 2009


The answer is a resounding NO! when it comes to NKOTB! sorry...I have to come clean. I told my hubby that I wouldn't, obviously do any summer tours if I could go on the cruise..it was like ok do the texas "tour" or cruise...well I chose the cruise. Little did I know THREE measly little days later they'd come out with these SPRING tour dates (not summer, mind you) and the first one on the list is literally about 5 minutes from my house! If push came to shove I could walk to the venue in about an hour!! we're talking CLOSE...I had decided not to push my luck asking if I could go...

however, HE called me and was like "Did you hear?" I was like "Hear what? What happened?" (by this time I'm thinking he's heard!) but I play dumb....why let the cat out of the bag if he's talking about a Nuke going off in the Middle East!? right!?!? So I say again "what's goin on?" He's playing it out (Now I'm 100% sure he knows) he's like seriously I know before you....(hahahaha, silly man...you just THINK you know before me) and I'm like "What?" He says "I just heard NKOTB is gonna be playing at Borderfest in March" I'm like "Whatever" (Totally playing dumb cuz if I come out and act like I know he's gonna totally say no I can't go....so I'm working my woman's mind the way we do and I continue on. "Why would they come to lil po-dunk borderfest? Gimme a break" he's like "no really, a girl here just told me, she was like your wife likes New kids right?" and he related the story to me, then went on line and searched it out (such a closet fan!!) and then called me! I'm like ok and get online and check the boards (the thread I started for HIDALGO and read through a couple then go *GASP* I can hear him on the other end (sounding smug) "What? What happened?" he said (Oh so innocently) I'm "Right here on NKOTB.com it says Hidalgo, TX.... He's like well maybe your cruise won't go through and you can go.

I get super quiet...he's like giddy when he asks what's wrong. I just said "Don't ask me when you know what's wrong" (Never once did I ask to go) and he starts laughing, in the background I hear his co-workers say "What's up?" and he's like "she told me if she went on her cruise no Summer tours" (talking to the person there, not me) and then talks to me again "Do you wish things would have gone differently? maybe made a different choice" I'm like "no, I choose the cruise" Then I got quiet again and he was like "what's wrong?" I'm like "I'm gonna let you go I'm about to cry" (LMAO!!! shame on me!!!) and he starts going "Ohhhh" but laughing...and I said "did you call just to rub it in? that's so mean! you know I'd wanna go why would you do that?" (NO SHAME!!) and he still half laughing and says "oh just get the damn ticket" LOL, of course I'm all like NO that's not fair to the family I said I wouldn't go...and he's like yeeeah...whatever...then laughs at me.


The shameless....


  1. You are so bad...but such a genius!

  2. WAY TO GO MY FELLOW STALKER!!! I am so proud of you!!! *smiling a very proud smile*

    Have a blast!! Love Ya!!

  3. Oh Janelle! You are so working that girl vibe with the hubby! It's a good thing they can be oblivious to our "good natured charm" LMAO! Good for you!

  4. Hi - another stalker checking in! I'm actually abandoning my Houston blockheads to run down to Hidalgo :) I couldn't do the cruise, but am completely doing Spring/Summer Texas tour dates!


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