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This picture is not ours.....If this is yours please let us know so you get credit for an awesome pic!

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Magic Mistletoe

These videos belong to Jessenk98.
Oh to be on the other end of all this.

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Video taken by KatieNKOTB
Coming Home from HOB

Video by crunk0922

Dear Santa.....

I've been a very good girl this year.....I sent you a picture of what I want for Christmas this year....

This is ALL I want.

Thank you!

This is what the guys had to say about it.....
"She just MADE OUT with Jon Knight!" ~ Joe
"Not just a kiss, a sloppy kiss, a wet kiss." ~Jordan

*This is not our picture....if this is your picture please let us know so you can get credit for it. Thanks.

Picture by KTSummer.

Video by (twitter name) Tardy4DParty.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Never Before Seen Footage!!!

Merry Christmas to us!!

About 6 months ago my HP computer crashed and it crashed hard!! I lost all my concert pictures and video's from our Chicago Show in late June...I was soooo sad, I hadn't had a chance to upload any video's to youtube or the blog or even figure out a way to shoot them over to Stacey (safety in numbers---the number of people who have the video's that is) Well, this weekend my son (he's 7) had a triple-header in baseball and I figured since I was sitting there all day I may as well grab my camera and snap some pictures (for those visit my family blog at www.themiller6.blogspot.com (shameless plug....I know) and today I was pulling pictures off my camera card (that I rarely use cuz my normal one is filled with my brother's wedding photos from 3 weeks ago---long story--not-so-short--I see randomness on this card that look oddly, enough, like photos from Chicago or the cruise or...could it be??? MY VIDEO!!! YIPPEEE!!! I have a few short snip its of the Chicago show to share with ya'll....we'll see if Blogger will cooperate today...I'm so excited though!! MERRY CHRISTMAS..miracles do happen! :)
granted I had almost the WHOLE concert recorded and I have 2 songs recorded now---I'm still thrilled to have them...so enjoy! :)

OK so apparently Blogger won't let me post a video this big directly on here....I'll up load it to youtube tomorrow then pop it on here, OK? (sorry about that guys)

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

First Look: NKOTB 'Didn't Want the Reunion to End'

Didn't get a chance to see the New Kids on the Block on tour? Now you can have Joey McIntyre, Donnie Wahlberg, Danny Wood and Jordan and Jonathan Knight in your living room when the group releases its concert DVD on Feb. 2.

From early rehearsals to inside the recording studio, NKOTB's Coming Home DVD is "bringing you back to the very first moment of the reunion step by step until today," Donnie Wahlberg tells PEOPLE. "It's kind of like a yearbook – only from a 15 year high school reunion."

The DVD includes the singers' performance of classics like "Step by Step" – and unseen footage from the groups fan cruise to the Bahamas, where Wahlberg and Wood surprised fans in their cabins. Wahlberg has a soft spot for replaying the fan footage, saying, "the emotion from the fans, in every arena throughout the tour, was so intense," he says. "It gives me chills every time I watch it."

Get ready for more chills, Donnie. The reunion party will continue in 2010 when the boys hit the high seas again on a sold-cruise in May. And there will be ten golden keys hidden in the deluxe and super deluxe DVD box sets that will grant lucky fans two tickets to any future NKOTB concert.

Says Wahlberg: "We hope to find new ways to give our fans no less as we move forward."

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Found this.....cute.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Never saw this one before....sound is poor.

NKOTB "Coming Home" on DVD today athttp://www.NKOTB.com. Get it now and own a piece of history!

After 15 years, THE NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK made a triumphant return to the world's stage. Coming Home, the DVD, will take you along the group's process and their many journeys as they toured the globe playing over 140 sold out arena concerts and performing to a million plus fans.

"Coming Home" also captures NKOTB and their dynamic live performances as they perform songs from the group's 2008 release, "The Block," as well as other fan favorites from their extensive hits catalog. Highlights include the singles "Summertime," "Single," "You Got It (The Right Stuff)," "Step by Step, "Hangin' Tough," and more! Plus each DVD comes with an un-released song "Coming Home" at the time of purchase.

"Coming Home," the new DVD from NKOTB comes packed with never-before-seen footage, extremely rare items and additional goodies:

- Over 90 minutes never-before-seen footage.
- 6 Live performances filmed during the group's world tour.
- Chance to receive 1 of 5 Golden Keys. The Golden Key provides LIFETIME tickets for you and a guest to official NKOTB shows anywhere in the world for 2010 and beyond.*
- EXTREMELY LIMITED edition authentic wardrobe swatch from Full Service tour outfits (yes, its REALLY from the guy's ACTUAL wardrobe). OWN A PIECE OF HISTORY!
- Limited edition NKOTB dog tags.
- Inside peek at NKOTB life on the road.
- Special Moments with the fans.
- Behind the scenes.
- Deluxe booklet with additional artwork.

AND the unreleased track "Coming Home" delivered digitally at time of purchase.

* certain rules and restrictions apply. keys are inserted into packaging at random.

This is some funny stuff........

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Here We Go Again by Joey McIntyre

Here We Go Again  by  Joey McIntyre

Something Else by Joey McIntyre

Something Else  by  Joey McIntyre

Here is to hoping that you get all the packages you want this Christmas. If you should be offended by these pictures I appologize...it is all in good fun.

Monday, December 7, 2009

A little something to get you in the CHRISTMAS spirit! Enjoy!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Donnie's Daily Video Memory

Monday, November 30, 2009

Donnie's Video Memory of the day....

Candles, Wine, Bubbles and Jon.....OH MY!
What a way to start a Monday.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Jon! Happy Birthday Jon! Happy Birthday Jon! Happy Birthday Jon! Happy Birthday Jon! Happy Birthday Jon! Happy Birthday Jon! Happy Birthday Jon! Happy Birthday Jon! Happy Birthday Jon! Happy Birthday Jon! Happy Birthday Jon! Happy Birthday Jon! Happy Birthday Jon! Happy Birthday Jon! Happy Birthday Jon! Happy Birthday Jon! Happy Birthday Jon! Happy Birthday Jon! Happy Birthday Jon! Happy Birthday Jon! Happy Birthday Jon! Happy Birthday Jon! Happy Birthday Jon!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Joey McIntyre Exclusive Blog #3
Joey McIntyre tells ARTISTdirect.com editor and Dolor author Rick Florino about a very, very memorable Thanksgiving with his family and the New Kids in the third installment of this exclusive blog series….

Thanksgiving Memories—

It's always a funny thing when people ask me about old family Thanksgiving memories, like I'm just gonna spit out, "Oh boy, there was that time when the drum stick flew out of little Tommy's hand and hit Nana Alice in the noggin. Boy, did we laugh!" I don't have those kinds of memories.

Maybe it's because there was so may of us in the house (11 including parents—and they should be included) that there was always a steady din that filled the air. At any moment, the top could blow off and someone was slamming the door and stomping off down the street—probably a planned exit to meet friends and get out of the house, now, that I think of it. A nice quiet, boring Thanksgiving was always welcome in the Mac household.

Hmmm...maybe I do have memories, I just had to start writing. What I was gonna tell you about was a more obvious Turkey Day memory. It was 1989 and the New Kids were playing Madison Square Garden. I don't know if that's a prestigious night to play. Maybe it points to our ridiculous popularity at the time. Who the hell plays on Thanksgiving?! Us, I guess. I'd hate to be the dad that had to get up off the couch in a turkey coma and go to a concert full of screaming pre-teens. Oy! I love being home for the holidays, especially back then when we were on the road all the time. But to sooth the homesickness, we flew in all our families. Everyone! To New York City. It was a swanky day. A thrill for all of our loved ones to come down to the Big Apple. Plus, we were in The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade—a proud moment for any mother—and mine was front in center in the stands outside of Macy's famous department store. For me and the guys, it was a bit of a grind, as usual. Up at 6:30 in the morning to get on the float and move through the city- a privilege none the less. What a treat!

I remember getting back to my hotel room and collapsing on the bed and not getting up til dinner was ready. It was special to have the four New Kid families together in one room—just celebrating without the fan fare—normal stuff. After dinner we moved out into a reception area, where there happened to be a grand piano. Jordan Knight sat down behind it and led us all through a few holiday songs and a couple acoustic New Kids songs. It was touching and warm and a lovely way to end the evening...Except ours was just beginning!

We were playing the one and only—"the most famous arena in the world", Madison Square Garden. And thank God all those Dads got off the couch, because they brought 16,000 of the cutest, loudest, cryingest girls ever. We had so much to be thankful for that year and still do. This year I look forward to a crowd of about 12 with lots of food, extra sweet potato pie, and some good conversation. I wish you all the same. Bon appetit! (which in America means eat 'til ya burst).


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Donnie Video Memory Of The Day

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Donnie's Video Memory Of the Day....
Donnie posted this on his Twitter account. Enjoy.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Enjoy Janelle!

Joe's new video will premiere tomorrow at 6 a.m. on www.people.com

Watch...watch...watch. Can't wait to see our friends Jen & Becca as they were in the video. Jen was the BONUS WINNER! Congrats girl! Can't wait.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Got a request to caption this @JonathanRKnight picture. This ... on Twitpic
Here We Go Again by Joey McIntyre

I found it hard to pretend
that this has come to an end
Just when I thought I was out they pulled me back in

It always happens like this
Just when I start to forget
I try it on all over again and it fits so perfect

Back in headlines, in the papers
Hangin on ? he's such a loser
When is that kid ever gonna grow up?
No, I don't wanna grow up!

Here we go again
I'm a man on a mission baby
Here we go again
Are you gonna be there for me now?

Here we go again
La La La love
Here we go again
Hey Hey Hey Hate

Here we here we go again
Here we go again
Oh, here we go again

I don't know if this is for me
Am I at the wrong party?
If I am, I'm not gonna leave
Cuz it's screamin my name

Back in headlines, see what he did
Comin up he's such a cool kid
No that boy won't ever give up
I never give up

Here we go again
I'm a man on a mission baby

Here we go again
La La La love
Here we go again
Hey Hey Hey Hate

Here we here we go again
Here we go again
Oh, Here we go again

I think it's time to get out of here
No one seems to know me now
then you pull me back and you push me forward
to where I wanna gooooo

Hey hey hey ya ya ya!

Here we go again
I'm a man on a mission baby

Here we go again
La La La love
Here we go again
Hey Hey Hey Hate

Here we here we go again
Here we go again
Oh, Here we go again

Repeat chorus

Here we go again, repeat x3

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Video Post

Flash back to the Hey-Day of NKOTB!! ENJOY!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

As per tweeted by Donnie himself......

Danny Wood... HERO AMONG US! Save The Ta-Ta's! Susan G Komen Foundation! rememberbetty.org!


Monday, October 26, 2009

New Joe Mac Video
Picture released from the man himself

WOW! TOTAL HOTNESS! I don't think there are words to even describe this pic. Okay maybe three words. hmmm hmmm GOOD! I want to say CONGRATULATIONS! to our good friend Jennifer Blake for being picked as the Bonus Winner of Joe's contest to be in this new video. Jen and our other friend Becca (Becca went on the cruise with Janelle and I) flew out to Burbank and were both in the video. We need to talk them into being a guest blogger and telling us their amazing story and share their pics with us. So if you girls read this....PLEASE! Can't wait for the video to be released in a couple of weeks.

Friday, October 23, 2009


Congrats to Jenny!! One of my dear friends who was one of Joey's Contest winners and flew off to the LA area for a VIDEO SHOOT!! I'm so happy for her and can't wait for all the gory details!!!

Sorry I've been MIA for a week or two but I'm back and ready to hunt down some fine-ass pictures of our boys...Tomorrow look for some eye candy!!


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Let's Play House!

Sounds good to me! LOL...but this is for the Random Lyrics portion of our blog....the lyrics to "Let's Play House" from the Face the Music CD....(you know your gonna wanna bust out that CD and listen to it again after you read these lyrics, don't ya?)

New Kids on the Block

Let's Play House
Oh baby
Think it's time
That you let me come
inside your happy
Show what you what a
man like me can do
When you let me get next to you
Baby come and let me love you
All night
Can you imagine
What we could do alone?
Turn off the phone
I'll teach you passion
Come inside your happy home

I'll do you right
Oh baby please stay
Stay with me forever
Make love every day
We'll be makin' love
Let's do it together

Let's play house
[ Find more Lyrics on www.mp3lyrics.org/B11d ]
Come and live with
me in my dreams
Our secret hideaway
Let's play house
Take a ride the night
has just begun
Let me love you 'til
the morning light

When we're together
I love to take off your clothes
Undress you slow
Ooh, it only gets better
When I love you nice and close
To make you feel

Oh baby please stay
Stay with me forever
Make love everyday
We'll be makin' love
Let's do it together


Oh baby please stay
Stay with me forever
Make love everyday
We'll be makin' love
Let's do it together


From some random website that I forgot all ready--if they're wrong, let us know :)

Friday, October 2, 2009


I'm a Donnie girl...first and foremost and ALWAYS!!!

however; when I went browsing the net for pictures I was assaulted by Danny photos....so I guess that's my cue---it's time to post a Danny picture!! It's no secret that I'm not a huge Danny fan (nothing against him, just not my fave) so if I neglect to post pics of him I'm super sorry. While I was there I found this cool photo of Joey that someone made!!

We hope you enjoyed the pictures...see ya Monday fellow blockheads!

**as always if these pictures belong to you and you'd like them taken down e-mail and they'll be promptly removed, if you don't mind sharing...THANK YOU!**

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Random Lyrics to an NKOTB song...today TWISTED is the song:
(we're getting desperate for material to keep the blog up-to-date...don't be a hater) LOL

Think something's off??? drop us an e-mail and we'll see with our "oh-so-expert-ears" if it's right! (or try to anyway) I know we know the words...but sometimes (like in Click, Click, Click rap the words get jumbled up a little and you're like...huh-wha?) <---yeah, not "What" but wha?? like your so confused you can't complete the T sound.....So I swiped these off www.azlyrics.com--cuz quite frankly I'm too lazy to type them all out, enjoy!! maybe you'll be like "Woah I didn't know it said "Sadistic for ya" or something!??!


You wanna feel, I'll let you feel
Come over here
You heard what love can do to you

You know that cuts, scars, bruises hurt
So what
You like it
You like all the screws, tattoos, cool
That I can do
You're telling, you're telling me you're
A little bit twisted

Can feel ya heart
You want me to twist it
Twist it for ya
A little bit twisted
Tell me where does it hurt
Tell me where to kiss it'
Kiss it, kiss it, kiss it, kiss it
Where does it hurt
Tell me where to kiss it (kiss it)

How do you feel
I got you ill from all the love
I'll try not to kill ya
Get close enough

You know that cuts, scars, bruises hurt
So what
You like it
You like all the screws, tattoos, cool
That i can do
You're telling, you're telling me you're
A little bit twisted

Can feel ya heart
You want me to twist it
Twist it for ya
A little bit twisted
Tell me where does it hurt
Tell me where to kiss it'
Kiss it, kiss it, kiss it, kiss it
Where does it hurt
Tell me where to kiss it (kiss it)

[JM + Timbaland]
You need a little more to get you where you want
I'll push you how you want it
Just tell me where to pull
You want it harder
Need it harder
Girl it's how you like it
Tell me what you been missing
You need me to come and twist it for you
I'll come and twist it for you
I'll even hit it for you
I'll hurt you if you like it
And then I'll twist it for you

Twist it for ya
Twist it for ya
Twist it for ya
Twist it for ya
Sadistic for ya
Twist it for ya

A little bit twisted
Can feel ya heart
You want me to twist it for ya
A little bit twisted
Tell me where does it hurt
Tell me where to kiss it'
Kiss it, kiss it, kiss it, kiss it
Where does it hurt
Tell me where to kiss it (kiss it)

Twist it for ya
Twist it for ya
Sadistic for ya
Twist it for ya
Twist it for ya
Sadistic for ya

Where does it hurt
Tell me where to kiss it

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Random Pics..

Look at Joe's face...he's all "Dude, what are you doing?!"
I do not recall EVER seeing this lounge when we were on the boat...Stacey? Any recall?!
I do have a pic of me standing in this very spot though!! (unfortunately, Donnie wasn't with me)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hello All! I know that it has been way to long since I have posted. Please forgive me. Things have been very busy on the homefront. Been busy planning a celiac conference and making last minute trips to Atlanta. Some of you know the story but for those of you who don't...let me share. My little brother (all 6'2" of him) is deploying to Iraq in Oct. So with this news I booked a last minute ticket to be able to see him before he leaves. A HUGE thank you to my husband for spending the last few days of his vacation to stay home with the kids so I could spend a few days with my brother. It was a very bittersweet weekend. I love my brother and I am so very proud of him for what he is doing for his country. He is leaving his wife and 4 kids to do his job. He sees this all as doing nothing more than his job. You may or may not agree with the war in Iraq or the fighting in Afghanastan but please PLEASE support our men and women. As the plaque on my brothers fireplaces says. "If You Don't Stand Behind Our Troops....You Might As Well Be Standing In Front Of Them"

More pics

since NKOTB on hiatus we're kinda forced to be on one too--but I said I'd be better about updating---so here are more pics!!!

Lil Mac Daddy

**as always pics are borrowed, if they belong to you and you want them taken down, please drop us a line, if you don't mind sharing...THANK YOU!**

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Friday, September 18, 2009

OMG!! you HAVE to listen to this!!! *DIES*

***We take a break from our regularly scheduled program to bring you this LUNATIC!***

OK here's the story: a girl was out with friends having drinks on King St (in Toronto ). This guy approaches her and won't leave her alone -saying how cute she is. She finally gives in and hands the guy her business card to get rid of him. The attached is an MP3 file of not one, but TWO voicemails this guy left. This goes down in the history books - especially the second voice mail. After hearing them you can clearly see why she didn't call him back - instead she called in to the Z103.5 morning show & had them play this on the air. Ladies: He is out there...just waiting to be snatched up!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Who, What, When, Where, Why...HOW?!?! huh!?

Yeah that's my thoughts on the whole Jon being stalked....are you NOT following him on Twitter?! I've not checked twitter in 2 days...first time I've not checked in like 5 months on a near daily basis...and the whole FREAKIN' NKOTB WORLD FALLS APART! lol...what the halibut!?
We're enderingly called "Stalkerfest" let me be clear ladies---STALKING is NOT OK!! actually it's against the law. LOL...we call it that just cuz it's silly. We're actually HORRIBLE stalkers---we can't find them----EVER! Just when we think we're on to something---they've twittered that they're somewhere else! go figure. I just wanted to clarify that we don't actually "STALK" them...in fact we "frown" on that...we belive that they are NKOTB when their in NKOTB mode, but outside that they're just people with lives that deserve respect...
.am I right here?? or no!? I mean I'm not a celebrity---yet! *bwhahahahah....hee hee...ok ok, fine, never* but if I WERE famous, I think I'd appreciate some privacy---except when I was in that "mode" so to speak.

I'm not sure what happened, he-said-she-said...but I know that if it were some random encountering I wouldn't think Jon would have gotten so upset and threatened to take away his tweets (which is just a horrible thought!)

Guess not everyone was raised like I was...to each their own...but I hope that a few don't ruin it for the rest. It's just not right--but I understand it...I just don't LIKE it :)


I got my winning B-club tee shirt autographed by Donnie!!! EEEKKK! *THUNK* I heart that boy!!!
That's me....(wouldn't Donnie and I make a perfect couple--come on! no hating..you know we would!!!) LOL...if you look closely you can see his signature in silver. I was loathe to put it on and mess it up but I pushed through and got a photo....then quickly took it off and loving folded it and placed it in my drawer---honestly what should I do with it?? I wanna frame it but I know my husband would think I lost my very last marble :) but stuffing it in a drawer for ever and ever just seems WRONG!! on soooo many levels! LOL

Friday, September 11, 2009


Missed Donnie's Birthday! *GASP* I know I'm HORRIBLE!!!! but check out this video---*SIGH*

nothing like watching the man eat!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Been what...?? Forever?!


Hi Guys!!! how was your summer?! wow it's been so long since I've posted anything about NKOTB here...but never fear, I've been faithfully following, stalking and drooling like ya'll have! :) So as I sit here eating my daughters "nerds" candies (which I totally shouldn't be doing) I couldn't help but wonder where my muse is for this blog.

Oh yeah, right...there he is!! After a fun filled spring/summer of NKOTB related items, family
vacations, and breaking up sibling fights, school is back in session and can I just say THANK THE GOOD LORD IN HEAVEN!!! the fights were really driving me to my breaking point...how many times can one woman hear "Moooo---oooommm!" before she locks herself in the bathroom for 8 1/2 hours straight? What, like you've never done that?!

But even more exciting than not listening to my kids fight it I actually have "down" time now to post some more blog entries and pictures! I know....so exciting!!!

First...let's recap, shall we?

October 08--NKOTB-Minneapolis/St. Paul the first time I saw them on stage in 15 years!!! Also, the beginning of some amazing friendships!! Krystal (KG), Kris, Vanessa...meet them all in St
Paul that weekend. :) Not only that but we meet the NEW KIDS at the meet and greet!!! Life long dreams coming true right then and there!! amazing! :)

March 09--NKOTB Hidalgo, TX...this rinky-dink town shocked me by getting NKOTB down here. Amazing, Amazing, Amazing!! I got passes for a M*G off the radio (thanks to my wonderful hubby who won them for me) and meet my boy Donnie again!! (the other 4 were there too, I just didn't get to meet them again) LOL who cares though--DONNIE was just *SIGH* amazing.

April--NKOTB, Winnipeg, Canada
Stacey and KG took their girls to this show...and had a fantastic time!! I wish I could have gone, but I'm glad they were able to go :)

May--1st annual cruise with NKOTB
Stacey and I went with a fellow stalker Becca...we had a blast...stacey had some amazing luck and I'm very happy for her! As a dedicated fan she totally deserved it and more! I missed my photo op with Donnie--but---before you get all teary eyed like I did...(you know I'm lying I
flat out cried my eyes out) I will get another chance...but I'm getting ahead of myself. Another
photo op and I got ballsy and asked for a kiss from Donnie---after a few moments of teasing me he finally nodded ever-so-slightly and I pounced. (hey you don't have to tell me twice!!) before the bodyguards decended on me and I high-tailed it outta there, ignoring 4 others...again.

June--Chicago NKOTB concert
This was a weekened filled with friends, laugh and so much nkotb love it was shocking I left to come back home. My friends are the best ever...I love them all to death. Kris tried to kill us, KG talked our ears off, and everyone put up with my snoring! really what could be better?? oh yeah following Jon's tour bus through freaking CHICAGO and INDIANA!!! LOL...some great memories and even better friends were made that weekend all thanks to NKOTB! :) (did I mention we had amazing seats!?) No meeting or photo op here...bummer...but really I can't
complain it was super fun and I would do it all again in a heartbeat...even the Exit ramp at 75!

August---I won an autographed B-Club tee shirt by Donnie Wahlberg.
Also, I booked a spot on the 2nd annual NKOTB cruise!!!!!

All in all it's been an amazing year (almost) filled with NKOTB and friends...it's a simple reminder that life is what you make it. There's money to be made, houses to be cleaned, kids to be taken to school, dinners to cook, jobs that are demanding our time...but deep down inside...there's that teenage girl banging on the heart door to let her come out and play. When we listen and let her
out we're suddenly transported back to a simpler time...a time when THE crucial thing that day was "what do I wear!" Let her out! Come out and play, take a break..know that when you get back everything will be there waiting for you--but in the time you are gone, you've made memories, friends and most importantly you've made contact with YOURSELF again.
Remember the kid inside:

I'll be here more often now that I have some kids in school...more pictures, more stories, and of course more of my endless, mindless chatter about nothing, like how I LOVE their tweets! How I love the tweetpics! How I adore his "WOOOOO!" cuz I love the Nature boy's Wooooo! so i can totally hear him saying it! LOL...it's always been a fun ride...now that we're old and can appreciate it more--it's even more thrilling!! THANK YOU NEW KIDS!!! Until next time...enjoy some NKOTB pictures! :) (I'm gonna go refill the cup of NERDS!)
Jon's latest Twitpic...


**if you own any rights to the pictures used on our blog and don't want them displayed, please e-mail us and they'll be promptly taken down, otherwise...thank you!**

Monday, August 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Happy Birthday

Mr. Wahlberg!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

They will be cruising NKOTB style in May!
Have fun and I can't wait to hear all
about it & see those awesome pictures.
Good Luck To All!
We would like to wish all those who are planning on going on the cruise the best of luck today and Thursday in the purchasing of the cabins. We had a blast on the last one. Who knows what the future will hold when it comes to the cruise...crossing our fingers that one or both us may be able to go in the future.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Chicago Concert review is in...blogspot is strange and posts your entries as you start them rather than post them...We started this post a while ago---but just finished uploading the pictures and posted it...sooooooooooooooo, for the review see 2 posts down.

Thanks! :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cruise 2010

As you all have heard by now NKOTB CRUISE 2010 is confirmed!!! I'm so excited but also very sad...

I'm going to try to go but Stacey won't be able to join me...this is so sad...it won't be the same without her...so let's all pray she wins the lottery and can go! OK!?

Oh I also promise that I'll do better about updating our blog...we've been so so so bad about it this summer, I know...once the kids go back to school I'll be able to focus more on it...so please bear with me until then! (Hope I used the right "bear" in that sentence)

I was so sad to not be able to go to the Texas shows, being they were in my state and all..but I just couldn't get away....total bummer...but I did view the webcast (did ya'll get it?) It was awesome, and I actually kinda felt like I was there in a weird way! it was amazing!! How do these guys do it, again and again!? it's crazy!! I love them! LOL

Ok so I'm asking for help...I want your best concert pic of the FULL SERVICE tour...submit it to one of two e-mail addresses:

stalkerfest09@gmail.com or missionmiller6@gmail.com we'll post them for all to see!! I know some of you had great seats...also we'll be spot lighting Meet and Greets--so send in your M&G photo. This should be fun..if you have a cool story with your M&G then tell it and we'll post it so everyone can hear you gush! LOL We all love these guys--let's hear it girls!! (and guys if we have any)

Until then... "LET'S CRUISE THIS!" :D

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

This one time....in Chicago.....


Please excuse any screaming you may hear....my bad...I forget and get caught up as any NKOTB fan would...I can't help it, I see my boy and just loose my head!!! I've gotta make a Youtube account then I'll upload my videos :)

Due to computer problems...(hard drive crash) Janelle lost all videos from the Chicago concert.

The weekend was amazing. I'll post pictures too.

first off I am from deep (we're talking edge of the USA deep) south Texas...but the family vacation fell perfectly for this little trip, and since we were heading up Minnesota and Chicago is only a measly 7-8 hours away--well heck...why can't I convince everyone that we're doing this....so it was ON....like DONKEY KONG!!!

Meet up with our friend Kristin who took me back to her house where we got pizza and talk NKOTB :D

The next day Stacey and Krystal (KG) showed up and the road trip began. First...we had a small surprise for our friend Krystal...her best friend from Arizona was coming too---little did Krystal know! it went off perfectly and she was floored. It was the best surprise ever! LET THE ROAD TRIP BEGIN!!!

We left around 6 pm from Minneapolis...arrived in Chicago (after a few near death experiences....well one really...our driver, dear sweet Kristin (Kris) took an exit in Wisconsin a wee bit fast....my vision filled with the bushes and trees that seemd to be coming straight for us...but her quick agility and driving skills saved us and we made it to the gas station...and I stumbled into the bathroom to *FINALLY* get some relief....too much coca-cola....*SIGH* oh yeah you've all been there...you know what I'm talking about that "I can't think of anything but going potty, stop now before I wet myself" yeah that feeling....but anywaaaaaay....
okay on a side note from me, Stacey, when in the car with 4 fellow blockheads and you are jamming out to NKOTB all night and everyone is singing Step by Step...do not I repeat do not sing your favorites part because as "friends" oh yeah I used the "" on this one ...they will turn down the radio just as you start to sing and embarrass you! NICE! Okay back to Janelle's rambling...I mean story telling.

No roadtrip is complete without food: Beef Jerky, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Mt. Dew, Chewy Sweet Tarts, Snack-in, Starbucks & RedBull.

we crashed shortly after we got there...maybe cuz it was 2:45 am maybe it was cuz the next day was our Stalkerfest!! Either way we couldn't wait to get up the next morning (Well I couldn't I ws up and going at 6:30) LOL...grabbed breakfast and headed back up to the room where the two lazy bums (that'd be Stacey and Kristin) swapped and went downstairs while the others (Vanessa (KG's friend from AZ) and me and KG got our stuff together to get ready head to the venue.

We arrive at the Venue...it's on lock down baby..there would be no waiting for busses there! CRAP!

what better way to pass time than to DECORATE THE COOL-MOBILE!! (aka..mini van)....so fun!! seriously if you've never done this--it's a riot--not only decorating it but seeing the looks of people that pass by or stop next to you at the light...priceless!! the only downer of that time...was the fact that we got kicked out of the parking lot when there were only THREE (count them...ONE, TWO, THREE) cars there!! whatever...HATERS! what's wrong with using the parking lot? we weren't being rowdy or obnixious....just kicking us out for what reason!? grrr...but I'm not bitter! LOL

Donnie twittered that Jason (his new assistant from South Carolina with the heavy drawl) would be at Dick's sporting goods passing out tickets...so we decided to go down and pay-it-forward. We got our tickets, and our photo with Jason who was so sweet....then left and headed to the Venue!!! EEEEKKKK *THUNK*

Janelle's First RedBull

Stacey and me were sitting in 10th row...we found our seats right away after dropping off our books for Joe's Letgetthis.org foundation. (everyone please bring a book...it's for the children!!) and WOW the seats were AWESOME!!!!! we were stoked! (oh yeah I said it....STOKED!!!)

Jon had a little friend visit him in Chicago..miss Debra Gibson---we caught a glimpse of her backstage...pictures are all fuzzy and crappy cuz it was too far away and too dark. (I'll post them if you wanna see them though)

Jabba came out and MJ had died the day before so they did a tribute to him...it was very nice. Jesse Mcartney came out (can I say he's a little arrogant thing...oh yeah he thinks he's the cats meow....but oddly it's not in a yuck way..it's more kinda cute..isn't that weird?) but anyway it was time for NKOTB to come out!!!! EEEEKKKK!!! I love that feeling just before they come out, the crowd is cheering, the tension is high, the excitement is so thick you could cut it with a knife.....ahhhh that's the concert experience!!

The show was amazing...I'm going to let the pictures speak for themselves....but humma humma!! what a SHOW!!! SO GREAT!! if you have a chance to see a show...RUN..don't walk to the ticket window and get yourself a TICKET!!!

I'm gonna post pictures...but I'm letting Stacey tell you about after the show...(No we didn't meet them but there is a cute story in there)

Okay after the show...we took off to find the Denny's because that is what Donnie said. He said they would be doing Denny's and Cracker Barrell. Well since CB closes at 11 or 11:30 p.m. Denny's it was. I was texting Jen and Becca as we were going to see what they were doing. They got back with the busses/crew. We went back over to the venue after learning that the guys hadn't even left yet. Jen texted me that they were coming out and to meet her at door 2. I thought she and Becca were leaving but when we got there it was her and Keven...a.k.a. Cruncy Kevin. Kevin was super nice and let me, Janelle, Van & Krystal back. We all sat out in front of the busses and just chat. It was so much fun. We did not get to meet or even see any of the guys but it was cool just sitting there visiting with our friends. When we finally did leave the bus area we watched all the buses leave. Kristen started to walk back to the van and the rest of us waited until Jon's bus passed us. After it left Kristen was waving at us like a crazy woman...apparently after Jon's bus passed us...he came out front of the bus for a cigarette break and stuck his head out the window and waved at Kristin....I was like are you fricken kidding me. We all hopped in the van and did what any stalker would do. We followed Jon's bus...I mean hello who wouldn't. So instead of taking the interstate like all the other busses did...they get on the interstate and then go back through town...after small town after small town. We are all chatting away and Kristen said that if we cross into Indiana she was gonna be pissed. We are all laughing and joking talking about the show etc. etc... I swear not 2o minutes later I look up and there it is people......WELCOME TO INDIANA! We all were laughing so hard! Finally everyone is like what are we gonna do? They make me decide what we are going to do. Seriously people? You are gonna ask the Jon girl...who is following her man...to make the decision about whether or not we are gonna continue to follow him? Thanks girls! So even though I didn't want to stop....I said lets just turn around. I knew that they were tired and wanted to go back to the hotel....so that is what we did...we stopped and got food and drove back to the hotel.

The next morning we got up and went and had lunch/breakfast with Van's Mom. After lunch we headed out on the long road trip back to MN. It was the best weekend ever! Near death experience....Chicago pizza.....oh did I mention NKOTB? Thanks to all the Chicago girls for making this one trip I will never forget! Love ya!

More pics & videos will be posted as they are sent/found on computers etc. Enjoy! Please leave feedback.