Thursday, September 17, 2009

Who, What, When, Where, Why...HOW?!?! huh!?

Yeah that's my thoughts on the whole Jon being stalked....are you NOT following him on Twitter?! I've not checked twitter in 2 days...first time I've not checked in like 5 months on a near daily basis...and the whole FREAKIN' NKOTB WORLD FALLS APART! lol...what the halibut!?
We're enderingly called "Stalkerfest" let me be clear ladies---STALKING is NOT OK!! actually it's against the law. LOL...we call it that just cuz it's silly. We're actually HORRIBLE stalkers---we can't find them----EVER! Just when we think we're on to something---they've twittered that they're somewhere else! go figure. I just wanted to clarify that we don't actually "STALK" them...in fact we "frown" on that...we belive that they are NKOTB when their in NKOTB mode, but outside that they're just people with lives that deserve respect...
.am I right here?? or no!? I mean I'm not a celebrity---yet! *bwhahahahah....hee hee...ok ok, fine, never* but if I WERE famous, I think I'd appreciate some privacy---except when I was in that "mode" so to speak.

I'm not sure what happened, he-said-she-said...but I know that if it were some random encountering I wouldn't think Jon would have gotten so upset and threatened to take away his tweets (which is just a horrible thought!)

Guess not everyone was raised like I was...to each their own...but I hope that a few don't ruin it for the rest. It's just not right--but I understand it...I just don't LIKE it :)


I got my winning B-club tee shirt autographed by Donnie!!! EEEKKK! *THUNK* I heart that boy!!!
That's me....(wouldn't Donnie and I make a perfect couple--come on! no hating..you know we would!!!) LOL...if you look closely you can see his signature in silver. I was loathe to put it on and mess it up but I pushed through and got a photo....then quickly took it off and loving folded it and placed it in my drawer---honestly what should I do with it?? I wanna frame it but I know my husband would think I lost my very last marble :) but stuffing it in a drawer for ever and ever just seems WRONG!! on soooo many levels! LOL

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