Monday, May 24, 2010

Cruise Review Day One

Hey! It's been a while since I've posted anything on this blog, I've seriously just been too lazy or just forgot about ya'll, I'm so sorry!! If you are a follower then you know I was blessed to be able to go on the 2nd annual NKOTB cruise!!! Unfortunately my bestest buddy and co-blogger, Stacey wasn't able to go this year...I hope she can make it next year because I want to go so badly and I want to share it with her too!!

Since Stacey couldn't go I found another roomie, KG (we've posted about Krystal in past posts) went with me. I headed to Ft. Lauderdale early to meet up with my mom....who left the same day Krystal arrived. All-in-all I was gone for 10 glorious days!!!

I know what your thinking, yeah yeah, blah blah blah...get to the good stuff, right?! Ok then! Let's start this trip and do a recap!

KG and I are hanging out in the hotel, we'd pre-arranged an airport to sea port shuttle and were told that it left every half hour. At quarter to 8 in the morning the phone rings....it's the guy from the shuttle service (I'm so getting you the name so you will NEVER EVER EVER use them!!!) this rude man was yelling that we were supposed to be at the airport at 8 am and we were to go and wait and not move and blah blah blah....well sorry Charlie but we still had to finish packing and return the rental car and hike through the airport with luggage we could hardly move! 4 calls from Mr. Rude and 1 hour later we were told to wait and not move and keep our cell phone on, he'd call us back....click! Seriously--SUPER RUDE!!! so after that we planted out butts down, no way were we going to miss our shuttle to SS NKOTB!

Thankfully the driver of the shuttle wasn't the man on the phone, he was actually pretty nice and oddly enough ate like 8 banana's while we drove the 40 minutes to the port. Weird company!! He did say he'd like to get rid of his wife for 3 days though! LOL...I'm sure she'd like SS NKOTB too....come one come all...just stay away from Donnie! :o)

So we arrive at the seaport and somehow among all the other girls there we're lead inside to wait with about 30 other girls. We managed to get through security quickly and proceed to hurry up and wait....(sound familiar?) but it was OK. We were on a "NO-DRAMA-WEEKEND" and so we just rolled with it. Soon though, New Kids come riding up the elevator and into VIP check-in. I'm so VIP I didn't even KNOW THEY HAD A VIP check-in! WTH!? LOL, I'm so not destined to be a rocker! Danny and Jon snuck in another way but we saw them too!!! Soon they left check in and headed up to the big boat!!! EEEKKKK!!! It was almost time for our adventure to begin!!!

We were group 2 to board the boat and being that it was early our rooms weren't ready yet, no problem we had a boat to explore!! But first, FOOD!!! so we headed up to get some food on the Lido Deck...we walk in and are face to face with Joey Mac! So what do we do...play it cool of course!! shoulder to shoulder, tray to tray with Joe we stroll down the line...it went a little something like this (I took notes that night--lol while it was still fresh!)
After we all say "Hey" "Hi" "Hello"
Joe: "Well what are they serving us today?" (He looks at the eggplant something or other) and said "Well might as well try it--shit where are the plates?"
Janelle: "Back there--"
Krystal: "Here ya go" (hands Joe a plate)
Joe: "Thanks"
Janelle: "So would it be rude to ask you for a photo when you're eating? It would, wouldn't it? Sorry, never mind" (thinking...ugh you loser, shut the hell up!!! Don't speak!! EVER!)
Joe: "Well I'm not eating yet....."

Long silence follows.....

Krystal "Awk---ward"
Everyone laughed and as Joe nears the end of the line he starts counting down his steps..."And 3, 2....1"
Janelle: "Go ahead, Run Joey....Run!" what a freakin' moron!!! what's my problem!?!? LMAO!!! I get to the end of the line a nano second later and pick up my tray and turn...right into DONNIE!!! still coming off my embarrassment from the Joe debacle I simply do a quick little right around Donnie and continue on my way. Krystal behind me says "Hi Donnie" and I'm thinking...why?! Why does he do that to me? Why does he render me speechless---and if I do have the brain power to speak it's always something completely stupid!

Ok first 20 minutes on the boat and 2 run-ins. This was freakin' awesome, even if I was an idiot! I managed to catch where the boys were sitting out of the corner of my eyes (Ok I was doing a little stalking/watching) but hey--don't pretend you wouldn't do the exact same thing!! So, ANYWAY!!! I move Krystal from her spot that she's picked out and tell her to move over to where we'd have a nice little direct line of access with to the boys. Bwhahahahahaha! She's too nervous to eat (I'm never too nervous for food, unfortunately!) so I'm actually eating my food while KG just plays with her's chanting how she's too nervous to eat....I realize I have forgotten my drink, I head up to get some lemonade and call Stacey on the way back to tell her of my run-in's. Suddenly I stop talking and say "I"ll call you back..." and hang up. Why? Because, Donnie had come out and he was taking pictures with a couple girls at a table I need to pass by to get to my own table. So being "polite" I wait until their done, then take a step only for the other girl to pop up and take a picture, so I back up again....and wait. Ahhhh finally she's done and Krystal is out of her seat and I'm being approached by Donnie. *THUNK* He just strolls ever-so-sexily over to me and grins down at me, puts his arm around my shoulders and then notices my necklace that Stacey made me last year....I see his hand raise up and head for my chest....and think...uhhh....OK. :D by all means, Donnie!! *ROWR* he points to my necklace and says "That's the cutest thing ever....I mean not, me the necklace" I wrap my arm around his waist and go "Oh no you are" and give him a squeeze...then Krystal says "Please can I get a picture of you two together?" (OMG that's soooo sweet!!!) and he says sure---Krystal takes his photo and I thank him and he moves on...*SIGH* seriously I could have gotten off that ship right then and there and been a happy camper!!! But wait....we head back to our seats and Jordan strolls out and grins from ear-to-sexy-ear, dimples flashing and strutting his stuff like he knows he's hot. Krystal (the ballsy one) says "Jordan can I get a pic with you? Please? Pretty please?" He's all "I have a meeting, I can't" I say "Oh but she said Pretty Please....how can you resist that?!" so he walks over, plops his cute lil ass on the arm of her chair and grins. I take a quick pic and ask if I can get one too...so KG and I switch spots and I get my picture! 30 minutes on the boat and 3 run ins!? are you kidding me?! *insert announcers voice now* But wait...there's more--if you sit here for another 5 minutes we'll throw in a Danny appearance too!!

Danny: "Hi ladies!"
Ladies: "Hi Danny!"
Danny: "Uh, have any of you seen my kids?"
Ladies "They went that way" *points to the left*
Danny: "Thanks! Have fun on the cruise" *turns and walks away.

What the hell? 4 guys in a half hour!? this cruise rocked all ready and we hadn't even left the port!