Friday, June 19, 2009

Group Pic Of The Day

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pic of the day...

Friday, June 12, 2009

Waffel House Concert!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tickets....We have tickets!!!!
They arrived today!
Chicago Here We Come!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cruise Video Of The Day

Thanks to NKOTBRandy1 for the awesome video!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cruise Day 2

Day 2 came EARLY...we went to bed around 3 am-ish I would guess. We made port around 8:30 and they allowed us to get off the boat around 10 am. Stacey and I decided before we got on the boat that we'd be getting off in Naussa. We peeked at the excursions and saw one that was headed to Atlantis. Woo hoo! that was what we wanted, luxury, class, style, taste.....ahhh yeah...so we booked the cheapest excursion we could find! :)

The view from port in Naussa




the grounds of Atlantis!! it was beautiful, I highly recommend if you make it over there to just walk around and enjoy!! inside the hotel they have an aquarium. We took this tour but ended up getting lost (hey a girl had to have a potty break, we came out and they were GONE!) not that we tried overly much to meet back up--lol...Soooo many fish in the sea...should I look for one that's NOT named Donnie ???

Hmmm...I Like IceCream!

Our long lost boyfriend...these New Kids need to stop dissin' us, look what we've settled for!

Honestly people...these things freaked me out! I had a hard enough time just standing by them. Janelle thought it was the funniest thing...I still get the chills just thinking about it.

Our Tribute to Jordan's Twitter Pic!!
This was rumored to have "good luck" if you rubbed it. It didn't work AT ALL for me....as for Stacey---I think she wishes she could put it in her pocket and take it home!! as soon as we got back on the ship her luck started!!!

Our LOVE boat...the Carnival Imagination!!Stacey's Lover on the Love Boat...Jon leaning against the railing.
We lounged around by the pool...(becca and I) while Stacey went back to the room then roamed the ship.

Look who they ran into. Papa Mac was loving the ladies.

Maybe his name should be

LLPapaMac! (Ladies Love Papa Mac)

Yes...I am a lucky girl. I guess rubbing that stone as much as I did paid off. Becca and Janelle went to the pool and I decided to stay behind. Trust me...you don't want to see this in a swimsuit. After awhile I decided to go wonder around. I went down to the picture area and ran in to Jennifer. After talking to them for a few minutes I went to go check out the casino and look who I ran into. There was no one else around. I asked if he would mind taking a picture with me and he said "sure...no problem" He was so sweet. While we were waiting for his friend to figure out the camera I leaned in and said "Thanks for signing my Watson Construction sign last night" he kind of blushed and laughed and said "no problem". It was so sweet. I was still shaking when he walked away. And honestly people...knowing how much he is uncomfortable with crowds if there would have been anyone else around I would not have asked him for a pic. Anyways...as soon as he had left I went up to the Lido deck looking for Janelle and Becca. They were not up there but I did see Joe and Papa Mac having lunch. So I went back to to the room and Janelle was in the bathroom. She opened the door to see if it was me. I said remember having this huge smile on my face. I said "Hey Janelle....will you take a look at this picture cool picture I took" and handed the camera to her. She came out with the toothbrush hanging out of her mouth with this look of shock! It was awesome. So Jon if you should happen to read this....THANK YOU!

Saturday was "Dress to Impress" night. As well as our concert. I'll just sit back and the pictures speak for themselves!!! ENJOY!!My friend Jen. Our daughters are best friends.

Our Concert!

After some drama...drama...drama. We will just leave it at that! We had an awesome time!

OH! did I mention Stacey was FRONT ROW!!! yeeeeah!! remember that lucky stone rub...it continues!!!

Stacey and our cabin roommate BeccaAt the deck party that night Becca managed to talk to a friend and get herself and one of us up to the ropes that blocked off the VIP area. I saw Jon in the VIP area and let Stacey go, after all, I'm just interested in meeting Donnie...what can I say I have a one track mind!! :) So they head over and I hang out with some of Stacey's friends that happened to be on the cruise too (two doors down, no less!!)

Jon in the VIP area.

About three hours later, Donnie came out to the VIP area and hung out there...He was nice enough to come over and take pictures with all the girls that hadn't gotten into the VIP lounge but were waiting....isn't he the sweetest!!! OMG I love him!
Becca and I were lucky enough to be one of the girls that were standing in the VIP area. Like Janelle had said before she had told me to go over and stand because Jon was there. I looked for her a couple of times and thought that she had gone to bed. I was wrong...she was standing watching us the entire time and she saw Donnie come over to us. I felt bad and still do....This is HER man and she was not there. I forever will feel bad. I know how I would have felt if the tables were turned.