Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cruise Day 1

Hello Fellow BLOCKHEADS!!!!

it's finally here---the CRUISE REVIEW!!!

*I can hear you cheering!!!*

At Stacey's Aunts House in Miami area...

The Cruisin' Girls....(L to R) Stacey, Becca and Janelle

To help cut down on costs, Stacey's aunt allowed us to crash at her house in Miami....she was so awesome and it was such a pleasure to stay there!! THANK YOU!!!

Wowsa--we made it!! after a quick trip to some mall in Miami we found our way to the Port of Miami!! made it through embarkation, lines, paperwork, bracelets, more lines, photos blah blah blah.. The question on our minds was...WHERE ARE THE NEW KIDS?!

Sightings of NKOTB was slim through out the trip (for me) but at scheduled events we had great views, lots of laughs and a great time!!!These amazing banners hung from the ceiling in the grand staircase....seriously how awesome is it to board a ship and hear NKOTB blasting from the speakers?! when we boarded we saw cardboard cut outs, banners and all in all just NKOTB all over the place!! It was amazing!!! I knew it was going to be a blast!!

Oh yeah we did the posting in front of the posters...how could we NOT! this is a once in a lifetime---or once a year chance!! (I so wanna go next year!)

(L to R) Janelle, Becca and Stacey

They had a door decorating contest...so we (ahem...STACEY) slaved over these decorations---totally cute huh!? we didn't win but no tears shed here--we thought it ROCKED and we got lots of compliments!! (Click to see pictures larger)

Per boating guidelines, everyone on board must do the muster station walk through (meaning if the ship sinks--your butt better know where to go, how to work the life jacket and all that jimmy-jam stuff) Well lookie, lookie...Danny, Joe and Donnie were in our Muster Station (which was A, btw) and I happily put on my life jacket cuz I knew if the boat went down I was gonna swim around until I found Donnie---we would save each other or I'd die happily in his arms waiting for a rescue!! (we could have been stranded on some exotic island, just the two of us...I would have been ok with that too!! LOL)*SAVE ME DONNIE....*

We decided to grab a bite to eat and were really surprised to see so many husbands and kids on board! We sat by the ice cream machine and some girl (about 10 or so) came up and started making a cone, a gentleman came up behind her and was telling her "That's enough, that's good...ENOUGH! geeze!" LOL...turns out that little girl was none other than Vega, Danny's daughter! She was so cute and funny--what a little character she is!

That day the "first" event was the Sail Away party---this was out on the pool deck (Lido...later dubbed Libido). This party was the only one that was during the day---which is why the pictures turned out so nice and clear! They sang a few of their songs with the tracks in the back ground (I believe) just basically hung out on the stage and had a good time. Vega made another appearance and cozied up to the guys---lucky little girl! LOL. We (Stacey and I) got separated and I ended up on the 2nd level to the side of the stage. It was an awkward place to be because there was a white tarp hanging up and me and some other girls were looking between the cracks but the effort was worth it...cuz we were sooo close!! My knees couldn't take it for very long though---I stayed for about 45 minutes before I creaked back to a standing and let someone else have the last few minutes, I went to search for Stacey and/or Becca but they were lost in a sea of 2,000 girls. We eventually meet up again for the NKOTB Feud though.

Hey all it is Stacey here....I obviously will be the color blue as you can see. We did get seperated...one minute we were all together and the next....well as Janelle said we weren't. That is an erie feeling...not being able to find your friends in a sea of 2000 girls....of course the time passed with watching the boys.

Vega and Jon...seriously is this just the cutest!?How sweet. Um..Jon....My ovaries are calling. Please answer!

Stacey will have to tell you about the crowd surfing, I missed that when I was looking for the other two girls. *WHAAA* I didn't see Donnie and Danny crowd surfing...they went down the stairs and must have did it there. I saw them walking down the stairs but that was it. I did see Jordan and Joe. It was great. Jordan was trying to get Jon to do it but he just smiled and shook his head no... then the guys got the crowd chanting Jon..Jon..Jon. Yet still no luck. The fashion sense of Donnie on the cruise...mmmm, button down shirt over a tee shirt, long shorts and knee-high tube socks!! let me tell you the man is a STUD!! even with geeky socks! LOL.


I have no idea how they managed to pick the girls in the Feud but I didn't see them pick. I do remember one guy (I think the guy who organized it) kind of point and choose. There was also a group of girls sitting in the front row off to the left that all stood up and got up on stage so they were already picked. They had team Celtics vs. Team Red Sox...Red Soxs won to face off NKOTB. The questions were pretty funny, the answers---HYSTERICAL!!!

Something New Kids take on tour with them?

A) Teddy Bear

Jordan's reply "what?! Ok ladies when we were in Bop and Big Bopper and you saw us with a teddy bear, that was a prop, we had to give that back. What 20 year old guy has a teddy bear?!"

Donnie needed it to be played like the "Richard Dawson" version of Feud...meaning the host had to kiss everyone. (Jared from NKOTB.com was the host) later when they read the questions Jared would say "Ok we surveyed 100 people and ...." well Donnie stopped him and said "If you survey 100 people then why do you have *does some adding in his head* 487 points up there all ready!? Man you Cheatin'!!' Jon was absent at the beginning...rumor has it he was sicker than a dog....you'll see in some photos the little patch behind their ears...to prevent sea sickness. *SISSY'S!!* LMAO!!

Papa McIntyre with the guys during Feud.

Kentucky modeling the new cruise apparel!!
However... the best answer by far was "The first thing Jon uses in the morning"

NKOTB's answer for the bank: "His Right hand to pleasure himself"

Oh man we all died---that was by far the best line of the cruise!!!

Jon--bright red after his "Hand" answer was CORRECT!! (but I have a sneaky feeling that it was rigged!) lol

A cup o' Joe, Joe?!

Deliberating over their answers...they seemed to have a hard time grasping that WE (the fans) answered questions about THEM...they wanted to give answers that they thought/knew were accurate. However, we don't always know that information...Jordan was the slowest to "grasp" this though--but at the end they began to listen to us! LOL

"The Hand" answer....look at poor Jon, all ready seven shades of red!!

Their victory dance!!!

Donnie: "Survey Says!!"

Donnie telling the crowd to sush....everyone was blurting out answeres that he didn't the other team to take. Joe trash talking the other team...it was on...like Donkey Kong!!

There was one really...really...really annoying girl on the other team. It was like enough already..you are embarrasing yourself.

ahhhh the fashionista!!

Donnie...Donnie...Donnie...what were you thinking?

Stacey Lynn...YOU POSTED THIS PIC!? OMG!! well this was my "PJ" night outfit. Hee..hee. Don't let her fool ya guys! That IS Donnie's shirt! Oh ya Miller...I said it!

Jammie night for us girls :) we were waiting by the stage for a good view of the boys when they came out for the deck party!!

Becca and ILet the deck party begin...woah hold up...there were steps at to get on and off the stage...well the girls were *allowed* to stand on those leaving everyone at the bottom of the steps unable to see anything but their backs!!! it sucks! (considering i was at the bottom of those steps!) grrr. but then the guys came out and entertained us!! Donnie came out first...in his grandpa cardigan, Shortly after Donnie came out---Stacey pulls my shoulder and I turn around and there's Joey walking right next to us to get up to the stage. I reached my hand out and the only place I could reach was his tummy--so as he walked by my hand just ran over his stomach...OMG!! then papa Mac came after him and I got into protective mode...Papa Mac is the sweetest kindest man ever...with the throngs of girls not moving I hip checked those around me and spread my hands out to hold them back...like those huge ass bodyguards need me but I couldn't help it and it was a nano-seconds..I did it pro-bono! LOL. Joey in his robe *rowr* (but it wasn't Silk...at least not any "silk" I've ever felt) it was rough and a little bumpy! LOL

does the tie look familiar!? EEEEKKK!! that's MY tie from around MY neck!!! I wanted him to sign it but he kept mouthing "is this for me?" over and over so I finally said "Sure!" so he put it on and it was awesome! LOL...hahahaha...great times...until the elbow of the girl next to me came down on my arm and my camera flung to the floor and broke! (YES my dear friends...BROKE!! as in KAPUT!!!) I was sooooooooooooooooooooo sad! this once in a lifetime/year thing happens and I can't document it in photos!!! WHAAAA!!!! Danny was no where around for the PJ party...which was kind of sad. This was the one event that said appearance by NKOTB. Rumor has it that some girl asked him later in the trip why he wasn't there and he said (nice or not nice we will not know) "I was spending time with my kids...is that okay?" Jon was there, however, he was up in the VIP lounge. He did walk around the upper deck and stop for pics and hugs....damn I should have been up there.

So serious there Mr. McIntyre...could you be looking at a certain someone in a black shirt and white tie??? This pic was right before you took the tie and put it on. hahahah I'm thinking JK sleeps neeked!!! this robe is the Cruise Line Robe that's provided in your cabin!! LMAO!!! But damn he can pull it off huh!?

I returned to my room after the deck party to check on my camera (try to fix it) Becca and Stacey hung out a little longer...Stacey will have fill you in on what happened then..honestly I can't remember! LOL...but I know we didn't go to bed...did we?! Okay...first off I have a questions...do you think that they get a discount on buying the white tanks in discount? Just curious. After Janelle left Becca and I hung out for a short time longer. At one point we looked up and saw that Jon was still up in the VIP area. We went up there to check things out. Surprisingly there were not many people up there so we stood there for a few minutes. I took out the Watson Construction sign and Becca helped me hold it out to see if we could get Jon's attention. I do think that he glanced up and saw it but did not acknowledge it. At one point one of the Jared's came over and we asked him if he would take it over to Jon to see if he would sign it...Jared told us that it was his night off. Really? To bad. I did ask Jared's girlfriend if she would take it over and guess what...she did. Jon signed my sign. Jonathan...aka Not Watson. Tell you what...that made my day.
Of course after that happened...we went back downstairs and of course I had to show Janelle. We then all went back upstairs and I bought Janelle and I a drink (Becca doesn't drink). We just sat up on the lido deck and watched all the people acting crazy...and trust me there were a few. It was a fun way to end the night.

Stay tuned for Day 2 coming soon.....

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