Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Been what...?? Forever?!


Hi Guys!!! how was your summer?! wow it's been so long since I've posted anything about NKOTB here...but never fear, I've been faithfully following, stalking and drooling like ya'll have! :) So as I sit here eating my daughters "nerds" candies (which I totally shouldn't be doing) I couldn't help but wonder where my muse is for this blog.

Oh yeah, right...there he is!! After a fun filled spring/summer of NKOTB related items, family
vacations, and breaking up sibling fights, school is back in session and can I just say THANK THE GOOD LORD IN HEAVEN!!! the fights were really driving me to my breaking point...how many times can one woman hear "Moooo---oooommm!" before she locks herself in the bathroom for 8 1/2 hours straight? What, like you've never done that?!

But even more exciting than not listening to my kids fight it I actually have "down" time now to post some more blog entries and pictures! I know....so exciting!!!

First...let's recap, shall we?

October 08--NKOTB-Minneapolis/St. Paul the first time I saw them on stage in 15 years!!! Also, the beginning of some amazing friendships!! Krystal (KG), Kris, Vanessa...meet them all in St
Paul that weekend. :) Not only that but we meet the NEW KIDS at the meet and greet!!! Life long dreams coming true right then and there!! amazing! :)

March 09--NKOTB Hidalgo, TX...this rinky-dink town shocked me by getting NKOTB down here. Amazing, Amazing, Amazing!! I got passes for a M*G off the radio (thanks to my wonderful hubby who won them for me) and meet my boy Donnie again!! (the other 4 were there too, I just didn't get to meet them again) LOL who cares though--DONNIE was just *SIGH* amazing.

April--NKOTB, Winnipeg, Canada
Stacey and KG took their girls to this show...and had a fantastic time!! I wish I could have gone, but I'm glad they were able to go :)

May--1st annual cruise with NKOTB
Stacey and I went with a fellow stalker Becca...we had a blast...stacey had some amazing luck and I'm very happy for her! As a dedicated fan she totally deserved it and more! I missed my photo op with Donnie--but---before you get all teary eyed like I did...(you know I'm lying I
flat out cried my eyes out) I will get another chance...but I'm getting ahead of myself. Another
photo op and I got ballsy and asked for a kiss from Donnie---after a few moments of teasing me he finally nodded ever-so-slightly and I pounced. (hey you don't have to tell me twice!!) before the bodyguards decended on me and I high-tailed it outta there, ignoring 4 others...again.

June--Chicago NKOTB concert
This was a weekened filled with friends, laugh and so much nkotb love it was shocking I left to come back home. My friends are the best ever...I love them all to death. Kris tried to kill us, KG talked our ears off, and everyone put up with my snoring! really what could be better?? oh yeah following Jon's tour bus through freaking CHICAGO and INDIANA!!! LOL...some great memories and even better friends were made that weekend all thanks to NKOTB! :) (did I mention we had amazing seats!?) No meeting or photo op here...bummer...but really I can't
complain it was super fun and I would do it all again in a heartbeat...even the Exit ramp at 75!

August---I won an autographed B-Club tee shirt by Donnie Wahlberg.
Also, I booked a spot on the 2nd annual NKOTB cruise!!!!!

All in all it's been an amazing year (almost) filled with NKOTB and friends...it's a simple reminder that life is what you make it. There's money to be made, houses to be cleaned, kids to be taken to school, dinners to cook, jobs that are demanding our time...but deep down inside...there's that teenage girl banging on the heart door to let her come out and play. When we listen and let her
out we're suddenly transported back to a simpler time...a time when THE crucial thing that day was "what do I wear!" Let her out! Come out and play, take a break..know that when you get back everything will be there waiting for you--but in the time you are gone, you've made memories, friends and most importantly you've made contact with YOURSELF again.
Remember the kid inside:

I'll be here more often now that I have some kids in school...more pictures, more stories, and of course more of my endless, mindless chatter about nothing, like how I LOVE their tweets! How I love the tweetpics! How I adore his "WOOOOO!" cuz I love the Nature boy's Wooooo! so i can totally hear him saying it! LOL...it's always been a fun ride...now that we're old and can appreciate it more--it's even more thrilling!! THANK YOU NEW KIDS!!! Until next time...enjoy some NKOTB pictures! :) (I'm gonna go refill the cup of NERDS!)
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