Sunday, December 20, 2009

Never Before Seen Footage!!!

Merry Christmas to us!!

About 6 months ago my HP computer crashed and it crashed hard!! I lost all my concert pictures and video's from our Chicago Show in late June...I was soooo sad, I hadn't had a chance to upload any video's to youtube or the blog or even figure out a way to shoot them over to Stacey (safety in numbers---the number of people who have the video's that is) Well, this weekend my son (he's 7) had a triple-header in baseball and I figured since I was sitting there all day I may as well grab my camera and snap some pictures (for those visit my family blog at www.themiller6.blogspot.com (shameless plug....I know) and today I was pulling pictures off my camera card (that I rarely use cuz my normal one is filled with my brother's wedding photos from 3 weeks ago---long story--not-so-short--I see randomness on this card that look oddly, enough, like photos from Chicago or the cruise or...could it be??? MY VIDEO!!! YIPPEEE!!! I have a few short snip its of the Chicago show to share with ya'll....we'll see if Blogger will cooperate today...I'm so excited though!! MERRY CHRISTMAS..miracles do happen! :)
granted I had almost the WHOLE concert recorded and I have 2 songs recorded now---I'm still thrilled to have them...so enjoy! :)

OK so apparently Blogger won't let me post a video this big directly on here....I'll up load it to youtube tomorrow then pop it on here, OK? (sorry about that guys)

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