Friday, January 9, 2009

Q&A with Joey

From Time Magazine...enjoy!

*sorry I know it's old, but it's a cute one*

Joey McIntyre
By Joel Stein Monday, Mar. 29, 1999

Q: So you try to sell your album to Columbia, they say no, you put a single on the Internet, it becomes a big hit, and Columbia comes calling. Don't you kind of hate them now?

A: No. If you're going to have a chip on your shoulder in this business, you'll have no shoulders at the end of the day.

Q: Did you know the Internet was so powerful? I mean, who are these people surfing around for singles from New Kids on the Block?

A: There are a lot of New Kids websites out there. It's crazy, man.

Q: Boston's KISS 108 was the first to play the single. Are you tight with its deejay Matty in the Morning?

A: We play golf, man.

Q: Golf? Is that really keeping it real?

A: Oh boy. You're something, aren't you?

Q: You play a lot of golf?

A: Yeah. I play a lot of golf. You play golf?

Q: No. I've gone to a driving range, but I've never played a full game.

A: It's a round, by the way. It's not a game of golf. Just so you can keep it real on the golf tip, G. *hee hee such a smart ass*

Q: Before the new hit, were people still recognizing you on the street from NKOTB, or are those days long gone?

A: I'm able to walk down the street and not get recognized. It took a while to get used to. They're looking at you and you're like, "Are they recognizing me? No, they're just looking at me."

Q: How far into dating someone new do you bring up the New Kids thing?

A: Usually I don't have to. Sometimes people want to act like they don't know.

Q: What's your favorite New Kids song? Mine's Hangin' Tough.

A: I'd say Please Don't Go Girl.

Q: I don't know that one.

A: You'll have to brush up on your New Kids hits, man.

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