Monday, January 19, 2009

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It has been posted on www.nkotb.com by Jared that there are fraudulent tickets being sold on ebay. No tickets for the upcoming spring tour are on sale yet. Regular or ILAA. These that are being sold will not be honored as they are fake. Someone else posted that www.gotickets.com also has postings for NKOTB tickets.

Please be careful before buying tickets on Ebay and other places like this for tickets.

For more information on this check out what Jared/NKOTB has to say at http://newkidsnetwork.ning.com/profiles/blogs/fraudulent-tickets-for-sale


  1. Wondering if anyone out there (I'm sure you have!) bought VIP tickets when NKOTB was on tour in the states? How much were they and was it worth the money? Did you get "facetime"? I am planning to take a friend of mine to NKOTB this spring or summer and want to get great seats since it's my bithday present to her (her 30th! birthday).

  2. Carla-

    Stacey and I went 5* last time around (Minneapolis/St. Paul Show) (see the first threads for details) but the tickets were $375 each and included about 5-7 minutes of "face time" with 9 other girls. How it works is like this: You get in line and go to table one...there you will give up your camera, have your bag searched, get a lanyard with a letter on the back (a,b,c--which is the order you will go in to meet them) and then get a goodie bag. You'll be able to do some quick shopping before you are told to get in your group to head back to a private room/bar area. All the girls are eventually escorted back to the same room where you can enjoy some snacks, free drinks (coupons given to you) and chat. Robo will come in and give you the rules...no camera's, cells phones or anything to be autographed. Then he'll ask groups A,B,C (in our case all three at once) to line up. A is first obviously as they will go in first. Then as everyone is pushing shoving crowding and all that the guys come in. In Minneapolis we had a private room off of the main bar area and they headed into that. Robo then let's group A in, you mingle with the guys (if you can call it that, it's more like a hi, thanks hug, move on) but it's a HI! Thanks! and a HUG!!!!! then ILAA is saying it's time for pictures...so you turn and smile....then you have about 1 minute after that to finish up before they're shoo-ing you out of there. It's totally worth it even if it sounds like it's not cuz that's alot of money for 5-7 minutes...but please keep in mind you are guaranteed a spot in the first 10 rows---and that alone if you were to purcase off of ticket site is gonna run you probably MORE than that...also things will sell out MUCH more quickly now that a tour has been done and word has gotten out. If you can afford it, I'd say do it---it's really fun...yes it goes quickly but it sets the tone for the entire experience...they were all wonderful wonderful wonderful people, friendly nice and very sweet. All in all I'm not sorry that the cost was 375 for 5-7 minutes! (but now you see that the cruise is actually a pretty great deal!) LOL



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