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Lil Joey Joe...

Stacey has made it Joey Mac Month....woo hoo! the blue eye'd baby of the group will be spotlighted this month!! Here's some quick Facts that ya'll probably all ready know but a little refresher course after 15 years always comes in handy, right?

all about lil blue eyes:

*Joey is the youngest of nine children, (Judy, Alice, Susan, Tricia, Carol, Jean, Kate, Tommy, and Joe) in an Irish-American Catholic family.

*He shares the same birthday as his sister Carol (I did not know that!).

*One of his sisters, Judith McIntyre, is an actress.

*Just before his 12th birthday, he joined New Kids on the Block, replacing Jamie Kelly. Since the other four members of the group were already long-time school friends, he initially found it difficult to mesh with the group. The New Kids on the Block became one of the most successful boy bands to date, producing two number one albums on the US Billboard charts. In 1991, Forbes magazine listed the band as the highest-earning entertainers, beating the likes of Madonna and Michael Jackson. The band eventually disbanded in 1994 following a media backlash and thus the declining sales. The band's music continues to sell overseas and the band itself is regarded as a pioneering act today.

*Following the group's split, McIntyre busied himself with songwriting and sought a record deal. He made his acting debut in the film The Fantasticks, which was based on the long-running off-Broadway musical. This 1995 film, starring Joel Grey and Jean Louisa Kelly, was released in theatres five years later.

*Disenchanted by his inability to find a recording contract, McIntyre used his own money to record his first solo album Stay the Same and sold it on his website. He then took his first single also entitled Stay the Same from the album to local Boston DJs, which eventually garnered the song national airplay. The combination of airplay and website sales for the single led to McIntyre signing a recording contract in 1999 with Sony Music USA, under the Columbia label which had previously been home to New Kids on the Block.

*The album Stay the Same was re-released on the Sony's Work Records and sold more than a million copies around the world. The single 'Stay The Same', rose the Billboard Hot 100, eventually peaking at number 10. The second track of the album I Love You Came Too Late was a decent follow-up.

*Also in 1999, McIntyre recorded the song Remember Me for the film Southie, which starred former band mate Donnie Wahlberg. (<----ohhh yeah baby!!)

*In 2001, he released his second solo album Meet Joe Mac, a far more serious affair than his previous release. The album however, wasn't well received and did not chart. There was only one single released from this album, 'Rain', which did not chart.
*McIntyre played Jon in Jonathan Larson's Tick, Tick... BOOM! for both the off-Broadway (Fall 2001) and national tour (2003) versions of the play. In 2002, he appeared for a season on the popular television show Boston Public. The following year, he released the live acoustic album One Too Many with Emanuel Kiriakou.
*McIntyre and his wife Barrett married on August 9, 2003, exactly a year after they had met.

*His fourth solo album 8:09, released in 2004, was largely influenced by his wife. Also in 2004, McIntyre starred in the film Tony n' Tina's Wedding, which co-starred Mila Kunis.

*In 2004, he played Fiyero, the leading male role in the Broadway musical Wicked for which he received mixed reviews. He replaced Norbert Leo Butz on July 20th 2004 and remained with the show until January 9th 2005 where he was later replaced by David Ayers.

*He also competed on the first season of the reality television show Dancing with the Stars, winning third place with dance professional partner Ashly DelGrosso.

*He appeared as Fonzie in Happy Days, a musical based on the hit TV show at the Falcon Theater in Los Angeles from February 15 to March 12, 2006 and a second run from June 23 to August 13, 2006.

*Beginning December 2006, he was scheduled to take part in Dancing with the Stars - The Tour with actor Joey Lawrence, pop star Drew Lachey & TV stars Lisa Rinna and her husband Harry Hamlin.([1]).

*McIntyre recently wrapped the film On Broadway, which was filmed in his hometown of Boston.

*He recently released an album of covers entitled Talk To Me on December 20th.

*In 2007 Joey McIntyre made a view as Gary in "Christmas At Cadillac Jacks." The show played around Christmas of that year on The Hallmark Channel and other various christian channels.

*McIntyre and his wife Barrett welcomed their first child, a baby boy named Griffin Thomas, on November 20, 2007 in Los Angeles.

*In April 2008, it was announced that all five of the original members of New Kids on the Block were reuniting. The single 'Summertime' was released in May 2008. Their first full length album in fourteen years was released on September 2, 2008, titled The Block.

*On September 18, 2008, New Kids on the Block kicked off their reunion tour.

Seriously, I follow what NKOTB does pretty closely (especially Donnie) but I had no clue he released sooo many solo albums! WAY TO GO JOE!

Things that make you go hummmm.... (sorry couldn't resist)

*He is a Co-Owner of Semi-Private NY Nightclub The Plumm, along with Chris Noth, Samantha Ronson, Noel Ashman, among others.
*He ranked #44 on VH1's 100 Greatest Kid Stars.
*He went to Catholic Memorial for 6 years.
*Danny Wood and Donnie Wahlberg, McIntyre's former New Kids on the Block bandmates, produced some of the songs on his debut solo album.
*Joey appeared at Boston Latin School for a Charity Talent Show on May 22, 2007 to stop genocide in Darfur.
*Joey first uttered on MTV Cribs the frequently used term "this is where the magic happens."
(ahahahahaha, the little horn dog! That's one of the most famous MTV CRIB sayings now!)

the sweet sound of music

With New Kids on the Block

1986: New Kids on the Block - #25 US, #6 UK
1988: Hangin' Tough - #1 US, #1 UK
1989: Merry, Merry Christmas - #9 US, #13 UK
1990: Step by Step - #1 US, #1 UK
1990: No More Games: The Remix Album - #10 US, #15 UK
1994: Face the Music - #37 US, #36 UK
1999: Greatest Hits
2008: The Block - #2 US, #1 CANADA

Solo albums

1998: Stay the Same (BNA label)
1999: Stay the Same (Sony Works release) - #49 US (Gold)
2001: Meet Joe Mac (Madacy label)
2002: One Too Many: Live From New York
2004: 8:09 - #50 US Independent Chart
2006: Talk to Me


1999: "Stay the Same" - #10 US (Gold), #16 US Top 40 Mainstream
1999: "I Love You Came Too Late" - #54 US, #28 US Top 40 Mainstream
2001: "Rain"
2004: "L.A. Blue"
2008: "Summertime" (w/ NKOTB)
2008: "Single" (w/ NKOTB)

Theatre Productions
The boy is larger than life!

1995: Barking Sharks
2000-2001: Tick, Tick... BOOM!
2003: Tick, Tick... BOOM!
2005: Wicked
2006: Happy Days (play)

see him on the lil screen too!

2000: The Fantasticks
2002-2003: Boston Public
2004: Tony 'n' Tina's Wedding
2006: On Broadway
2007: Christmas At Cadillac Jacks

So now you know all the nitty-gritty on Joe Mac....how many of you were like "huh...I didn't know that!?" that boy is a vault of secrets! LOL

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