Thursday, January 15, 2009

Joe Pic 'O The Day and New Contest Entry!


Hi fellow "Block-ettes" LOL (Love the UK) Was that video below just awesome or what?! I love that song and to see them perform it *THUNK* *ROWR* Love me some New kids!
Ok so browsin' around the web for some Joey pics I ran across this adorable pic...sometimes boys will just be boys...no matter how old, some things never change!
Also, we've gotten quite a few e-mails asking if we were going on the cruise...the answer is yes we'll be there. We'll be sharing pics, video's and stories. So hang in there guys---we've got our countdown going, diets started and all ready worrying about what we're gonna wear! LOL Please share in the excitement, even if your not able to go...we want this to be fun for everyone!!

We also got a new entry in the photo contest....*BRITTANY* Woo hoo!!! a little Joey (formerly Jordan) fan has shared some of her concert pics with us...take a peek (you'll want to drool so push the keyboard back, no short-circuting on my watch!) Thanks Brittany...can't wait to see some Donnie Pics (HINT HINT) LOL

WOW so many hot pics...what one will win the prize!? Wanna submit a pic? click here


  1. I still love Jordan though!!!! Donnie pics are coming!


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