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Seems the guys enjoy your charm! LOL

NKOTB's Beckham love
Sunday, 17 August 2008

New Kids on the Block have revealed they love Victoria Beckham.
The recently reformed US boyband admit they have a special fondness for their British fans and singer Donnie Wahlberg says he has a crush on former Spice Girls singer Victoria Beckham.
He said: "Victoria Beckham just does it for me. She's a cutie. But I rate her husband, so I don't want to say anything out of line!"

Donnie's bandmate Jordan Knight also said he found the band were allowed to be more sexually liberated when they visited the UK on previous tours.
He said: "Every time we went to Britain, we felt looser, could say different things, talk about cooler stuff."
Singer Joey McIntyre added: "We could be randier - we could be 19 or 20-year-old guys instead of squeaky clean pop stars. People are more open in the UK. The fact that you can open page three in the newspaper and there's a topless girl - that kind of sets the tone."
The band - made up of Jordan, Joey, Donnie, Danny Wood and Jordan's brother Jonathan Knight - say it wasn't just the rudeness displayed by fans they appreciated but also their charm.
Donnie added: "British fans are the most frenetic, funny, witty - very unlike America. You're being swarmed by 20,000 girls, and a fan in London will say, 'Donnie, when you sang that song, it meant a lot to me', while ripping your clothes off. It's charming."

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  1. Hold on a minute. Did Donnie just say that we American's are not fun? That we are not witty? Oh I will tell you Mr. Wahlberg.....I AM funny. I AM witty. Do you want me to tell you how much I loved a song as your clothes are being ripped off? Well Sorry....I will not do that. I will let Janelle do that. I Will however tell Mr. Jonathan Knight how much I like the song 2 in the Morning or Dirty Dancing or Grown Man while I rip his clothes off. We American woman are funny and we are witty Thank you very much! Janelle, you need to show that man just what us American woman can do.


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