Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ha Ha guys very funny. Logging in as anonymous just to see what information we had on where you are staying.....oh so funny.

No seriously......
The question has been asked if we know where the guys will be staying while they are overseas. I am sorry but we do not know this information. What we do know from when they were on tour in the States is that they spent the majority of their time on their tour buses traveling between cities. It was very rare for them to stay at the hotels. If anyone else knows any information please feel free to send it our way.

What we do is in all fun...of course we will always be on the lookout for them when we are out and about at concerts.

Of course what a coincidence it would be if they should happen to show up where we are staying. It could happen. ;)

If you should happen to have a great story of meeting the guys or one of the guys and pictures of you and them and you want to share it please email it to us at stalkerfest09@gmail.com and we will post it and share with all.

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