Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The NEW nkotb.com

We caved, I'll admit it. We spent the $80 bucks to get the membership. With the NKOTBSB tour announced how could we NOT? So friend us!!!! http://nkotb.com/users/NKOTBStalkerfest

Just when I thought this ride was winding down, they drop the joint tour on us. Now you have to understand me...I'm a Boy Band Junkie!!! Seriously, my love for boybands started with NKOTB, when they left the scene I found happiness in both NSync and BSB....this joint tour is going to be phenomenal. While I know in my head it's CRAZY to fork out over 500 bucks on a night...I can't help but think...I'm totally going to oh and hey, pssst...I'm dragging Stacey down with me.

Why? Because I can't say no to this. I can't. Why? Because the plain fact of the matter is this: This ride is going to end. It will end, they'll fade back away and I'll be waiting for one more show, one more cruise, one more....and it won't come. I'm not going to live in regret, I'm not going to live with "If I'd only gone that one time--" Life is short. Money is there to be made, I hate my job, but I love the rewards I'm able to reap by sticking it out. When I pay off that visa card with the cruise on it, and step on that boat...it'll be no regrets because this ride ain't over yet!!!

 I am fully aware I'm extremely blessed to have 1) a cooperative husband. 2) A Job 3) the ability to spend my paychecks on whatever I want without having to justify it to anyone. I know many people aren't as fortunate...I'm sorry for them. I wish everyone was able to enjoy every moment, every city, every opportunity that they wished to experience...but let's be real. We all live in the real world where bills come in, payments are due, some are single parents, some have husbands that don't/won't understand, some just don't have the money. I hope you can at least find your way to a show near you--even if it's the nose-bleed seats (If you want to) but ya know even if you can't make it to a show, I hope you can ride along, live vicariously through those that can and be at peace with that.

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