Sunday, October 31, 2010


MissKris2U made this little beauty!! LOL I think it's adorable and honestly, she's so talented with her photoshop skills! Wish I could just take out backgrounds and lighten pictures up when they need it but that program is so confusing!!!  Props to her. (I hope you don't mind us using your photo for Halloween) if you do, let me know I'll take it down, if you don't mind--thank you!

The ToyStory MacFamily :)

I don't know about you but I'm thinking Donnie's a pretty good Cop/Dective...so in MY world he's going as that:

Jon Knight wants to go as a dancer---but he has a few concerns about his body image (Don't we all!)  But (MissKris2U) has managed to sneak a pic of him trying on his costume and I think it looks just fine! :)

Bet Joe could show him a few moves to make him more authentic

No matter what they decide to go out as tonight I hope they all have a HAPPY and SAFE Halloween!!!

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