Monday, October 18, 2010

Weekly Dose of Donnie

Blue Bloods is on...CBS Friday's 9 pm central time.  We all know that means we get a weekly dose of Donnie Wahlberg.  Can't even express how excited I am about that! :)  Love Danny Reagan---cuff me Dan-o!  Not only that but while he's being a bad-ass Detective he's dropping hints to his TwitterBlockHeads.  Does this man realize how special he is? (I think not) because NO other artist out there loves his fans as much as Donnie does. (Of course I may be Biased...but I doubt it) :D

Here are some pictures from the show.  Check it out if you haven't...ya know, strike that...DVR it cuz I know you'll want to watch it again and again! (I know I DO)

Now I know they say "STARRING TOM SELLECK"  but really I think the true star is the guy who shoves the kidnapper's head in the toilet!  *can you say, angry Donnie is HOT!*

*can you say Donnie runs sexy*

There are actually other people in this show..I just don't care about them! :) (but I do like this one)

Every Friday 9 central CBS

mmmm, why would they do that...think Danny...THINK you can solve this one!

Promotional pics :)

Whoever made this...THANK YOU! :)

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