Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I love twitter.  I love that New Kids tweet us daily.  I love the communication and devotion they give to us fans.  Donnie tweets ALL the time, working, playing, day off, at a concert, on the red carpet...the love is just oozing from that man.  I love him!  I love this amazing way to stay in touch.  I wonder what life would have been like in the early 90's if we had twitter to communicate with them...would they have used it? Probably not, they were probably too busy.  :)

Anyway--what a great way to get a little insight on who they really are.  Jon's personality is so different from how I peg him years ago, I love reading his tweets, trying to figure out the riddle behind the words.  His pictures crack me up.  Stretching with Jordan...I think we should all get on that boat in 2011 and just reach for the sky, put our hands out and then bend over and wiggle at him.  Hey the man asked for it. :)

Don't get me started on Donnie.  I love him!  Seriously he is always there, always reaching out, always letting us know how much we mean to him.  Have I mentioned, I love him!?

See ya on twitter!  Feel free to follow me Janelle_Miller

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