Sunday, November 2, 2008


Well Halloween was technically Friday and it's Sunday but gimme a break I'm still a mom of 4 (3 of which wanted to go trick or treating) and then I needed a break after all that exercise and fresh air! hahahaha!

Ok there aren't any new updates really--but I got to thinking...if NKOTB dressed up....and soooo here I am... Our First Edition of "WHAT WOULD THEY BE!?'

Donnie would be:

An Army Guy ( ohh I love a "dirty" man)

Jon would be:

Obama Papparazzi *look at the glazed look in his eyes*

Jordan would be....

A Stripper...look at him get his groove on!!

Joey Joe would be....

A Throw-back Bartender! Look at him countin' out his $$

("borrowed" the pic from JoeMac.com...go check it out)
Danny Would be....

Pimp "DANNY" (nice shoes bro!)

So concludes our first episode of "WHAT WOULD THEY BE" gotta better idea of what they would be...drop us an e-mail... stalkerfest09@gmail.com
Ta-ta for now!

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