Friday, November 28, 2008


So who went out, risked life and limb to get that "awesome" deal? I didn't. First year in....wow too long to remember that I didn't go out and join the chaos. But here I am at 5 am up and blogging. Figures.

I have to say a Thank you to stacey for Cowboy Donnie pictures...YUMMY!!! as a Texas girl it's hard not to see cowboys around...but dang, they don't look like that one----mmm, mmmm, mmmm, mmmmm, mmm!

And I'm not sure if a thank you needs to be said for the video from Boomtown...I mean obviously a THANK YOU for that video but shouldn't she be super imposing MY face on there? LOL...Love it!!


Well the boys are done with us over here. It is black friday--as in TOTALLY DEPRESSING----Black and just happens to be Friday....Black Friday. Rumor has it they're gonna be back though---so there's a small silver lining on the horizon. Could it be? Could they really come back and give us addicts another fix? Just a quick shot in the arm!? Pretty please?! They need a self-help group for us...they 12-steps to getting over NKOTB...would I join?? mmmmm....I'd like to think I would but deep down...NO WAY! LOL I love it too much to join--a true addict through and through....I don't need help, I don't want help...leave me alone with my guilty pleasures....thankfully there are millions of other addicts out there too---waiting to fill up the venues and scream at their shows, freeze whent they see them face to face...unable to speak...think... or move....man, what a rush!!! I love this feeling!!

If I'm broken I don't wanna be fixed!!! Leave me alone in my "misery" just shake your head, and slowly leave the addict alone with her drug of choice....I'll have Donnie, thankyouverymuch! Turn away---there is no saving me now...I've gone past the point of being saved....either leave or join NKOTB but don't tinker on the edge being "Oh I once loved them!" and think your included in this...your not. If you once loved them, you still love them or you never really loved them at all.

That's all the random thoughts from me...enjoy your black friday--mourning the loss of our boys on American soil! :( Take care of them you guys across the pond...be nice to them and bring em back safely!


Donnie's Girl

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  1. Janelle you are so great at the depressed addict part. I feel your pain. We are sad that they are going overseas. Not that we don't want others to enjoy them like we did but there is a certain amount of sadness that goes along with the US leg of the tour being over! *sniff* *sniff*

    Anyway, my Christmas wish is that I get a full expense paid trip to London so I can attend the Hammersmith Fan Appreciation show. To hear them in an intimate setting would just make me melt! (I won't get it but hey, a girl can dream!)

    Anyway, talk to ya soon! :)


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