Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Jon's Blog

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to add a little response to Jon's blog today. I feel bad that there are a few people out there who take things a little far when it comes to the guys. I can say for myself that if we ever had a chance to follow their bus I can say that yes I would. Would I be right up next to them acting like a crazy person? No. I do think that there are certain lines that people shouldn't cross. There has been a lot of talk about people being "stalkers" on the forums today. When we (Janelle actually) started saying Stalker or Stalkerfest it was and STILL is all in fun. We won't be changing the name of our blog. Like I have said in previous posts this is all in fun and love of the guys.

Thanks for checking us out and lets all be safe and smart.


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