Friday, October 31, 2008

Meet and Greet Recap....try to contain yourself!

(that try to contain yourself line was for me) :) just wanted to clarify. In case you didn't know,


For those that are anxiously awaiting the Meet and Greet portion of our night--well hang on a few more minutes, cuz I have to say that our friend Vanessa had a great idea today to make a blog all about Stalkerfest! Seriously, do great minds think alike or what!?
Anyway--on with the story! (Oh also I'll be PINK from now on and I (Stacey) will be blue so you can tell when I'm talking and when Stacey's talkin'...okey-tay?!)

We left off last with rushing out of the hotel room with our signs in hand. Hair was fixed, make-up touched up, half a lunch eaten (thank KG for the Mickey D’s run!!) and of course teeth brushed and double brushed, cuz you just never know what may happen!! *WINK WINK* (hee hee)

We head over to the Venue, we had 5* VIP so parking was included, heck why not drive the 2 blocks if parking is free…oh wait, cuz KRYSTAL is driving. (Side note: this girl could get lost trying to find her way out of a paper sack!) We love that about her, it’s great fun--just plan ahead and leave yourself plenty of time!! I can’t quite recall if we got lost on the way there, for some reason I’m thinking we did (but only by a block or two, someone remember and refresh my failing memory) We didn't exactly get lost but Rebecca forgot her CDs that she wanted signed so we dropped her off on the wrong side of the building and she got her daily workout running halfway around the building....her going in the wrong door is another story.

Anyway in the Cool-mobile (aka mini van) is KG, Vanessa, Stacey, Me and Rebecca….we’re stoked…in approx. 2 hours we’ll be meeting New Kids!! *EEEEKKKK* *THUNK* ß that’s me passing out…fyi. "Stalker-mobile"

We arrive early (around 3:30) at the Venue and hang out on the steps. (oh I got a pic of us loitering…see…)

Stacey...Waiting for the M&G

traditonal self-portrait!

But it was fun…we did lots of people watching and very little talking. I think we were all lost in our “what am I gonna say” thoughts and just really cherishing the moments and savoring the anticipating. Then KDWB showed up with a ton of girls and they lined them up and went in…we’re thinking for the sound check…but grrrr…whatever. Not biter (too much) after all we’ve been waiting for…oh, I don’t know…EVER!!!!!!!!! To meet them and these girls just prance on up to the front and walk on in! AS IF!

So we line up where the sign is posted---being so organized ILAA (that’s I LOVE ALL ACCESS for those that don’t know) the line isn’t really where they line says “ILAA line up here” It’s the other entrance so we went from 3rd in line to like…30th in line. Whatever, again not a biggie---I guess. *grumbles* LOL. Actually it worked out really well for us cuz after we checked our camera’s, got our goodie bag and all that we realized we were GROUP A! *Breathe….Breathe!!!!!* GROUP A! we’d be first to see them!!!! (along with our goodie bag we finally got our seat assignments) we were a little disappointed initially with our seats cuz dang we ordered the tickets EARLY and they were still 4th row and off to one side…little did we know that they seats were AWESOME and pretty much as perfect as you could get! Shame on us for doubting. But anyway--that’s later after we do the meet and greet so let me get back on track.

Stacey stops off and buys a tour book (this is a tradition of mine at a NKOTB concert. I have 3 of them now. I have everyone in our group sign my book each time), I buy a tee shirt (property of Donnie…of course! :D hee hee I think next time you need to make a Property of Janelle for him)) and then we head back after a short wait. We enter a little, quaint room with wood walls and a rustic feel. We find a table in the back corner and watch as the room fills up. We’re all freaking out, Vanessa starts crying (and she hasn’t even meet anyone yet!!!) I mean the room was nice, but come on!? LOL. Hee hee…j/k Vanessa..you know we love ya!
Finally we realize that we have drink tickets. OMG that’s what I need cuz I’m about to throw up all over the place…the idea of seeing them is killing me!! So we get a glass of wine, then head off to the potty to freshen up one last time. *Butterflies are going crazy in my tummy*
We return to the room and Robo-Cop comes in (that’s their body guard…Robo, but I like to call him Robo-Cop, cuz I’m cheesey and lame) He tells groups A, B and C to line up…I about RUN up to the line with Rebecca yankin’ on my hand the entire way…which was totally ok cuz I finally wiggled myself between Rebecca and the doorway at the end of the line. (we actually got a private room to have our time with them in) The rules are spoken, not that we’re listening…all we can do is fidget with our hair, smash our lips together to make sure our lip stick looks fresh and glossy…I mean really were we expecting them to take one look at us and think “There she is! She’s my one and only!!!” (HELL YEAH we were!) My stomach no longer has butterflies but rather elephants running rampant inside. I had been able to remain fairly calm up to this...It really didn't start to hit me that I WAS going to meet NKOTB...I must have been getting teary eyed because at one point Janelle turns around and goes "Oh....don't cry".

Suddenly cheers go up and in steps the guys one at a time in a single file line.
When I saw them start to walk in the room Jon was first.....I instantly started to shake. But I do have to tell you he looked nervous. Once he got in the room where the pics were going to be taken he seemed to loosen up. Donnie was last. He jumped up on a table, mega phone in hand and started acting goofy…*SIGHS DREAMILY* I hardly notice (sorry Donnie) cuz while he’s doing that I’m giving “five” to the other guys as they pass by. Then Donnie came walking by and I gave him “five” and he grabbed my fingers and slowly (Oh-so-slowly and oh-so-softly) grabbed my hands and held on to my fingers as he walked by until my hand wrapped around the doorframe and I had to let go. *I could die happy now!!* but wait….it gets better!! (Yeah I know!!!)

We get the rules one last time, Robo-cop tells someone to crank up the music and he starts letting us in. *THUNK, THUNK, THUNK* yeah passed out there 3 times!!! (not really) but we walk in and Jon’s taking pictures with the ILAA camera as we enter, I probably look like I have glazed donuts for eyes and a stupid-ass grin on my face with my tongue hanging out! But WHO CARES!!! It was me and 5 of my childhood crushes (shhh, don’t tell but they’re still my crushes!) LOL.

I see Donnie is texting someone on his phone and in that split second I veer off thinking “I don’t want THAT kinda Donnie time” LOL..and head to Jordan. Now here’s where my idiotic self shines through and it’ll continue through out--- I stick my hand out for a handshake….??? (told ya, IDIOT!!) he’s got his arms out waiting to hug me and I’m standing there with my hand out like “Duh…I’m a MORON!!!” So I open my arms to hug him just as he’s sticking out his hand to give my hand a shake…(wanna dance?!) finally he grins, takes my arm and yanks me to him and says “oh just gimme a hug” *SIGH* “Duh…ok!!!” *Cheesy grin* LMAO!!! I told him thanks and moved on to Joe. Who read my shirt and grinned and rolled his eyes (but in a teasing manner, not mean) and I gave him a hug and said “Awe I like you too Joe!” then I told him thanks, and congrats on his new baby--he is adorable…(stace we need a pic of the newest Kid on the Block…..can you scrounge one up?!) He’s so cute!! Anyway I had to hunt down Danny--all I could think of was I had to get to all of them before they were shooing us out of the “magical room”. So I see Danny wandering around in front of the camera al by himself…so I cut him off and ask for a hug, he gives me on and I move on….sights set on DONNIE…Oh yeah…DONNIE….Donnie…Donnie…DONNIE!!! (his name I could say forever) unless I’m standing in front of him. Cuz there I was…standing there in front of him as he’s reading my shirt….(which seemed to take FOREVER!!!) it was on the tip of my tongue to ask if he was lookin’ at my chest but I totally chickened out….and then oh-so-slowly he looked up at me…*DREAMY SIGH* and was like “AHHHH” Then pulled me into a hug that lasted for an eternity…rocking me back and forth and saying “ahhh” in my ear..mixed in with a grunt or two. When we finally parted it was cuz ILAA was screeching “PICTURE TIME!!!” (could they not see this was a ‘moment’?) LOL..so Donnie, who wasn’t as star-struck by me as I was by him…placed me firmly at his side, and anchored me there with his arm around my shoulder. *Hyperventilating* Just before the picture snapped I feel him pull be closer and lean his head down towards mine. *Jumps Donnie…hahahah, yeah right…in my dreams!!!* The ILAA team was announced “ONE MORE” but Rebecca was talking to me so HELLO (another idiotic moment) I lean forward to hear her (WHAT THE HECK!? I’m in Donnie’s arms and I’m worried about what REBECCA is saying! (no offense girl, you know I love ya) but HELLO!!?! So they take the pic and everyone was like ‘AWE MAN!! No wait I wasn’t ready!!” So Jon (right?) says to take another one (I didn’t hear this but have since heard it was spoken) so I snuggle back against my boy and continue to rub his uber-soft jacket…(3rd idiotic moment…can you stop petting Donnie, Janelle?! No I don’t think I can!!!) and the picture is taken…it then dawns on me that Rebecca was telling me to lean up and kiss his cheek when they took the pic…listen my mind wasn’t functioning at full speed….sorry Becca!!

Well I had one more little gift for Donnie, a “kiss’ token…so the only words I spoke to him were “I have something for you” then I handed him the token, he read it and looked in my eyes again *THUNK* *CAN’T BREATHE* *MUST SPEA---* And he was grinning and oh-so-slowly (the man moves in freakin’ slow-motion I swear!!!) and I remember thinking I wanna be part of this kiss. I don’t just want it to happen and be over before I realized that it happened…so I lean in too…we sort missed but not really---his amazingly soft lips met mine and then it was over….and Rebecca was intruding on my dream with “I need me one of those too!” and he turned away. I heard ILAA telling people it was time to go and I still needed to talk/meet Jon…so I waited while Stacey *FINALLY* (hee hee) finished up and then asked for a hug…got one, thanked him and moved on out with my glazed donut eyes and dopey grin, I promptly went to the corner table and burst into tears. It was the best night ever!!!!!!!

Okay so now I am gonna tell my 5* story....I didn't want to interrupt Janelles. I walked in to the room and up to this point I had always said of course I would love to get a hug from them all but my main goal was to get some time with Jon....so as I walk in the room the first thing I notice is Vanessa going straight towards Jon. (Thanks Girl!) So my plans changed and I look over and Danny is walking towards me with his arms open. I give him a hug and say thanks...next I move on to Joe. Joe is talking to Rebecca and Janelle is patiently waiting her turn. Joe is trying to listen to Rebecca but he is also trying to read my shirt and Janelle's all at the same time. He reads my shirt and just smiles and gives me a hug. Just as I am waiting my turn to give Jordan a hug and turn and look over my right shoulder and I see Jon coming towards me....I of course stupidly say..."I will be right there"...and he smiles and says..."Oh no" and he comes to me and gives me a hug. AAAAGGGHHH JON KNIGHT JUST HUGGED ME!!!! Okay so....I give Jordan a hug and then give Donnie a hug. I move down the line to where Jon is standing. I look up and he is trying to read my shirt....he stands back a minute and then he reaches in grabs my lanyard and throws it up and over my shoulder and then reads my shirt again and just starts to laugh. You see my shirt read Future Mrs. Jonathan Knight...Just don't tell my husband. He looked at me and then pulls me in for a nice tight hug. As he lets me go he looks at me and says "So your married?" Are you kidding me? He did not just ask me that.....my heart which was already racing is racing even faster now.....I smile and go "uuuummmmmmm........Yes I am" he was laughing at how I answered that. Okay than I hear that it is picture time...we start to move towards the rest of the group and I see Janelle standing next to Donnie. Way back in the beginning when we heard that there was a photo op Janelle had always said that it would be cool if we could get a pic of the four of us (Donnie,Janelle,Jon and me) together. When I saw that there was no one on Janelle's left side I started to go towards her. Jon started to do the same thing and I just kind of pulled him to my left side so that I could stand next to Janelle and also I saw Gerri coming towards him too and I wanted her to have her picture next to him too. Well they took the first pic and then they took the second one which we were not ready for at all and after they took it I said "oh no" actually really quietly and Jon heard me and "Wait....one more" and he is telling/yelling at Joe to get back down because we are taking one more pic. I whispered thank you to Jon and he just smiled and gave me a little squeeze as if to say no problem (I actually just remembered that that had happened ;).) So after the pics were taken I told Jon that I had something for him. I had bought a stone that had BREATHE engraved across the top. For those of you who do not know me my son was very ill when he was 1 1/2 and my grandmother always told me to "Just Breathe" that no matter what all you have to do is breathe and you will get through anything. So I told him this story and gave him the stone...he gave me a hug and said thanks. Lets see that is 3 hugs now. So then I had this burst of courage and had one of the Kiss tokens in my pocket (like I had given Janelle for Donnie) All I will say about that is......I am one happy girl and.....I got the token back! ;) I do want to say THANK YOU to Jon for being so nice to me and making that night everything I had hoped for and more and to Janelle for doing this with me! You ROCK!

This story is true as I remember it and may NOT BE REPEATED IN ANY WAY! (got that other Donnie fans!!!) :oD

PS on a NON-NK's note, I finished a peasant top today! LOL


  1. wow, i loved reading your stories. how long was the entire pre-party and how long did you get to interact with them?

  2. Hi, I was wondering if I could speak with the person who runs this blog. I make Swarovski crystal New Kids on the Block shirts (because I am also a huge fan...going to Hershey to see them this weekend & saw the Philly show this year :) Anyway....wanted to see if I could work something out with maybe doing a giveaway for a shirt to get some exposure also. I have New Kids Maternity too!

  3. Oh my gosh, that was awesome!! I was freaking out just reading it. I'm going to the NKOTBSB show next week, and hoping I have that same luck!! :)


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