Monday, February 2, 2009

Yes or No.....What would you do??

Okay ladies...gentleman...okay so all of you who visit our blog. I have a question and welcome all advice.

So tonight my daughter who is 11 comes to me and says that she knows what she wants for her birthday (March 14th). She says to me that instead of getting her room redone that she wants to go to a concert. Of course dumb me asks her which concert she wants to go to. She looks at me like I am the stupidest person on the face of this Earth and says "aahh NKOTB" Oh really you think that you get to go to a NKOTB concert. Um Hello...McFly....NKOTB is MY thing. So I tell her she has to ask her dad. What does this 11 year-old child do? Yep...she does just that she calls her dad. He says sure...now for those of you who are married when your husband just automatically says sure and nothing else doesn't always mean sure. So she is all excited and I am worried that he thinks that I put her up to it....I am caught in a hard place here because of course no matter what I say I know that he thinks that it was all MY idea. So what do I do? Do I take her to so the guys in Winnipeg...hey it gets me to see them again or do I wait to see if they come to MN/ND at all. I don't really want to pass this up and she did ask for it for her birthday. This would be her birthday present and her party....there would be nothing else. So I am asking you my fellow stalkers what is a NKOTB loving mother to do.

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