Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New Month...so sad to see March go!! :(

Ok guys-

Are you following Donnie on Twitter?? how about Facebook?? Get to it!! Today he said he's not happy with the New Kids, he's quitting before the "Full Service" tour....WHAT?!!! I KNOW I DID NOT HEAR (or rather read) that right!!! My man not happy---with NKOTB!?
but hold the tears, don't tear up those posters, don't mourn the loss of the greatest group to ever sing the lovely word "Oh" His next post says (and I quote) "April Fools!!!!!! Ha!!!!!! After The Full Service Tour! ;) "
Whew...WHAT?! after the Full Service Tour...is he joking again?! Only time will tell...we all know it must end...but for now let us celebrate the reunion....what show(s) are you going to!? If you say none, think about it...this is New Kids on the Freaking Block!!! these are our crushes, the five-bad-brothers-from-beantown-land!!! When it's over, are you gonna kick yourself? I don't see them coming back again in another 20 years when they're all pushing 60! Sieze the day...money is always there to be made...NKOTB will not always be there to see....(Not suggesting debt--close though) LOL.
Do what you can to live our your dreams..you only got this life...live it up, drink it up and Love it...there aren't any re-do's here!!!

I'm going to Chicago and Houston summer shows...(I know I know...deal was made about the summer show with hubby--but HE mentioned the summer show in Houston, the Chicago one...well it's sieze the moment time...I'm certianly following my own advice) I've just gotta find someone to go with me to the Houston show!!!

So that's how my April kicked off...Donnie's message on Facebook...gotta love waking up to a message from Donnie Wahlberg---unfortunatly his month is over *cries hysterically* Jordan's up next!!! Time to show some Jordan love!!! ENJOY! drop us a line...we're here!! Stacey's dealing with the flooding in Fargo, ND....and I'm dealing with life...(what else is new, right? Who's not dealing with that) LOL...we love hearing your comments and e-mails...if you have a picture you'd like to see up on our blog...please send it we'll try to include it in a post (with credit giving where credit is due)

hahahaha looks like he's all "I got an itchy!!"

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