Monday, April 13, 2009

Cruise Update...

Ok so last week we got an E-mail from Rose Tours about our Cruise..we have three Themes to work with....I need ideas on what to wear!!!

1) Pajama Theme--pajama's---NOT nighties!!

2) Girls Night Out--we dress up

3) White--all white or nearly all white

I think for White night I'm going with a sundress of some kind (If I can find one I like) but Jammy day and Girls night out--I'm a little stumped...Cuz honestly I don't want like looney tunes on my jammies and I don't wanna look like I'm going to the prom or participating in a wedding on girls night out....I need to fine tune what I'm gonna wear/bring. I'll get there---I'm scouring the internet and stores looking for that one outfit that just says "BUY ME!" LOL (which in reality is ALOT of outfits...just nothing that falls into these categories! LOL)

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