Friday, April 10, 2009

Jordan pic of the day

again...sorry about skipping a day--I've been crazy-busy this week...my deepest apologies to all the Jordan fans..I'll post 2 to make up for missing yesterday!!

Just wanted to say...Travel back from Winnipeg safely guys!!! Can't wait for the update!! I heard from Stacey just before the show began, then silence until "I'll Be Loving You Forever" when Krystal called me (THANK YOU!!!) and got to listen to that. *SIGH* it was awesome!
After that...silence again. Stupid "international" calling....grrr...updates have been slim pickin's but they're on their way home today--so I'm sure Stacey will give us the update when she can. Until then, I'm going nuts with all the kids home on Easter break....Calgon--ya know what..screw calgon---DONNIE Take me AWAY!! (quickly....PLEASE! I beg you--get me the heck outta here!)

Ready for your jordan pic of the day!! Here ya go!!

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  1. Will there be pics & update from the Wpg show?! I'm still on a high from it, and its a whole 24 hrs since its ended. So awesome, can't wait to read other's perspective!


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