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Hi all....I am finally getting around to posting about the concert...so grab a snack and in the words of Joe Mac..

The day started out about 9:00 a.m. Went to pick up Ellen. Jenny got to my house while we were gone. Kelsey and Becca were hanging out until it was time to go. We all got on the road about 10. The drive was fun...everyone chatting...texting (Jen) or sleeping (Becca). Part of the way we felt like we driving across a fricken lake. The flooding is intense. We stopped for gas and munchies before crossing the border. The border agent was about as friendly as a box of stinking rocks. He asked what we were doing in Canada and I told him going to a concert...he looks at me and goes "New Kids on The Block" and I smiled and said yes we are. Of course as we get a little farther up the road we are detoured because of all the over land flooding that is going on. Ellen and I are trying to figure out just how fast 100 Kilometers is per hour...or if we are even going in the right directions. Did I think to bring a map??? NOPE.

We finally get to the hotel...after passing it and then realizing that there is an insanly amount of one way streets and that you can't turn left on alot of these...so what was one to do??? Turn anyways. We got to the hotel and Krystal and Alissa were in the lobby . Let the party begin.

After a very quick refresh...we decided to start the stalking. Now see the MTS center was litterally half a block away so it was perfect. We...no Becca and Jen played the "I'm single...be flirty" very good....they got answers. Thanks girls. We went this way...and we went that way...talked to this guy and that guy..were sent here and there. Only to be shot down in the end. We came oh so close! Next time girls..Next time. Of course we over hear them tell the 5* VIP that there is absolutely NO banners or signs....shit are you kidding. I'll get into that soon.

We got back to the rooms and it was full out glam session. Thank God we had two rooms....5 grown women and two 12/13-year-old...there was more make-up...hairspray...perfume flying around that room. We all looked great.

Okay....now to the sign. I spent time on making my sign...it said WATSON CONSTRUCTION. (I do have a pic...I will have to post another time..forgot to upload that one.) I am completely bummed that they will take it away if I bring it. What am I going to do? All of a sudden my daughter Kelsey says "Mom...give me your sign" I ask why and she tells me she is going to "wear" my sign in. I struggle with this for all of about 2 seconds...what the hell am I teaching my daughter? Needless to say....My sign got into the concert.

Kelsey "smuggling" my sign in.
Under the bra and in the skirt.
What a girl!

Mom and Daughter NKOTB expierence.
I made Kelsey a MISS NKOTB '09 sash. It rocked!
Joe, Jordan and Donnie all acknowledged it. She was on cloud 9!

1st & 2nd Generation NKOTB Fans!
Stacey, Kelsey, Alissa, Krystal

Stacey, Becca, Jen, Krystal & Ellen

Okay back to the story......
We get to the venue to get our tickets. I had gotten tickets for myself, Kelsey, Ellen and Becca. Krystal had gotten her tickets and Jenny had ordered her ticket. Her ticket was suppose to be in the row directly behind us....key words...SUPPOSE TO. They never charged her credit card....she had NO ticket. Once they finally got their shit together at the venue....Jen walked away with 13th row. Becca being the kind heart that she is ...offers to sit with her so she doesn't have to be by herself. :) So they were 13th row! Lucky girls.

We got to our seats...THEY ARE FREAKING AWESOME! We were second row on the side. I kid you not...if I would have went down to the isle and reached forward I could have literally touched them! How cool is that. So we sit down and I go to grab my camera our of my bad to take a pic of the stage so that I could prove to you all just how cool our seats were....but I couldn't because I left my camera in the hotel. SHIT! I run back ...yes literally run to the hotel...run up stairs...grab my camera..and then stop and call Janelle. hee hee ..hey I have to fill my girl in on all the excitement. I had no cell service up in Canada so I couldn't keep her posted. Okay I get back to the venue....get back to my seat. The show is about to start.

The opening act starts....We are all stoked...can't wait. They are awesome. All of a sudden the security guy comes over and tells me I can't use my camera! EXCUSE ME? What did you just say? Seriously....I can't use my camera???? WTF!....WTH!...and everyother swear word I know is going through my head. My daughter is crying next to me. So once the opening act is over I take Krystal with me...and I ask the security guard why I can't use my camera. I was ready to put up a huge fight. He was like because your lense detaches. Um...no....It doesn't. So needless to say...I got to take pics! Thank God. As we were walking away one of the other security guys...one that we actually had given a bad time to earlier in the day stopped me and told me to bring my daughter back down right away after the concert...he had something for her. :)


Okay for those of you have went to a concert you know what I am talking about when I say it is one of the most amazing nights! The vibe in the arena..the energy is like no other.
I do have to say I like it better when they start out with Single...but that is just my opinion. The guys were wild.
Where we were sitting I did not have to hold my Watson Construction sign up in order for Jon to see it. I just had to hold it up in front of my chest...He saw...he pointed. SCORE! Kelsey took off her MISS NKOTB '09 sash and held it up so that the guys could see it. Jordan was the first to notice it...he pointed and smiled at her. Joe saw it later he smiled...started jumping up and down as he pointed at her then he put his hands out to the side and tilted his head kind of like saying "ohhhhh". It was so cool. I was so happy for her. Danny noticed it and so did Donnie. Donnie smiled at her. I thought the girl was going to pass out. She is a Donnie girl. I do believe that Jon notice it too. It was just crazy. Everytime Jon came to our side...between Ellen and I we were screaming and pointing at the WC sign and the WC shirt that I had. He would get this little shit ass grin across his face but wouldn't look at us...kind of like..."yeah..yeah..I know that you are there".
There was one time when Jordan came over and literally pointed at Ellen and smiled as she shook her hips...nodded his head. She was so happy. As you saw in one of the previous posts...Watson made an appearance during his booty dance. He flipped the entire crowd off. It was hillarious.

The pose off was awesome. Donnie brought out the fire. Jon came limping out afterwards saying that he got hurt...then clarified that he was just looking for the sympathy vote.

Joe and Danny were holding up the Canadian flag that someone wrote "Let's Get This...Eh?" Jon was asking if it was legal to write on the flag...kept saying "isn't that illegal"

There were girls who continued to write on white boards and hold them up. Donnie grabbed one and wrote "I need to have some?" (I think that is what it said..drawing a blank right now...second guessing myself)

Someone threw up a sign that said JON GET NAKED...he quickly balled it up and said..."That will never happen". Loved it.

When the show was at its end...they shot off the confetti cannons....lucky us...we were right next to it. It was so much that I couldn't even see the guys. We were covered! When I went to get undressed that night I had confetti down my bra!

After the show was done I took my daughter down to where the security guard was. He handed her a guitar pick that had the NKOTB logo on it and Donnie's signature on the other side. He also gave her the sheet of paper that had a picture of all NKOTB passes on it. It is really cool. We went out to where the buses left from. We stood out there for awhile...lost track of how long because we were FREEZING. The busses left...no one stopped. Thanks guys! One of the crew busses was parked along the side...they started talking to Becca and Jen. One comment about BJs from one of the crew out the window was enough for me to get a 12 year old out of there. Jen and Becca sat in the bus and hung out for awhile...they had a great time (all clean fun girls!) ....Did the Stalkerfest gang proud. THey were true stalkerfest members that night.

The trip was wonderful! New friends were made. Old friends were reunited. It was AMAZING! I will continue to post pics. If I think of anything else I will let you know!

Random Winnipeg pics

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