Tuesday, December 23, 2008

When did Jon become so popular?!

All I have to say is..what the heck!? Not to take anything away from Jon-boy here but back in the day the top three were always Jordan, Joey and Donnie...but holy cow...where did Jon pop up as being front runner? Is he the dark Knight in this race or what?! I mean I know he's matured quite nicely but come on...they all have! Are you Jordan fans NOT loyal to him anymore?! Have you jumped ship for the "other" Knight? are you into more "Mature" men! LOl...just look at our poll over there --------------------> Jon is leading!!! is this a reverse universe!? where's the Joey, Jordan and Donnie love...ok the Joey and Jordan...I've got enough love for Donnie, thankyouverymuch!

when the blog poll ends we'll post pics of the winning boy...so go vote!! Spread the word if you wanna see some hottness grace your screen (hee hee, it doesn't matter who wins Hottness will grace your screen) but it's my vow that the winning boy will get props on here!! So vote, vote vote!!

Thanks to Jen for always commenting...your a sweetheart and we love ya girl! Thanks for following our blog!

Donnie's Girl!

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