Sunday, December 14, 2008

Kudos Stacey!

You've totally kept up with the blog while I've been sick, with company and dealing with a hubby that's gone on business! Thank you so much girl, you rock! and not only that, you added a Donnie pic in the daily dose! I love you for that!

OK off to the ER to see if my baby has pneumonia! Thanks girl.

And for all those out there that are poppin in to check us out...leave a comment!! we love to hear from ya'll!


1 comment:

  1. Hi Janelle ! I'm one of the girls next to you in the 10/21 concert, next to Valisity, my pregnant friend, well, now I am pregnant too !... we were trying for quite a while with no luck, and Donnie helped with his magic kiss that day, so I am pregnant now and due next summer ! here in MN is extremely cold, wind chills of 35 below ! can you believe it? hope you guys are doing great, take care.


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