Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Eve

Hey all I hope that you are having a great New Years Eve! Mine is very quiet. My husband is working tonight, my oldest is at a sleepover and the younger two are watching movies. So I sit here with a nice stiff and very large drink typing away. I do have to tell you about my discovery tonight.

I had just gotten done making dinner and the little one was out of the tub and I went to go and clean up the flood of water that was slowly making its way to the door from the bathtub. I got to the tub to discover a community of Barbies in the bottom....but at closer look what is that I found you wonder? Well it was Donnie and Jordan in that sea of naked Barbies. Seems even in doll form they are surrounded by women....in this case very naked, wet and soapy women. Damn those boys sure do know how to party. I was gonna take a picture and post it here but it was a little steamy....didn't want to get busted for the innapropriate images that there was in the bottom of that tub.

So with that I hope that you all have a exciting and safe New Year's Eve!


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