Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What's YOUR favorite pic?

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Wishing you and your family a safe and happy holiday season!!

~~~~ BABY FEVER?? ~~~~~

Ok does this NOT melt your heart completely? Seriously I don't know if this is Griffin (the way Joe's glowing I would say yeah) or not but this pic of the two of them just makes my ovaries cry out Donnie's name....*Shhh listen*....*DONNIE* *DONNIE* ......*DONNIE*

Bubbles bubbles everywhere but not a New kid in sight. :(

on to the actual post....yes, there is an actual post!

Ok so I don't sit down with any brainstorming when I type up these blogs, things just randomly pop into my head...so I just go with the flow. Right now it occurred that we give love to Jon and Donnie (humma humma) and kinda neglect the other boys...so I'm asking (and I want responses!!!) what's YOUR favorite pic of the guys (single, group, recent, old...it doesn't matter) here's a couple of MY favorite!

My man
(I tried to control myself...really I did...but there's just sooooooooooooooooo many (Ahem..all of them) that are my faves!!!)

sadly I can't find my all time favorite of Donnie---from way back when...but when I find it (cuz the search continues) I'll post it.


(on a side note here...what the hell is he diggin' for?! DAMN!!)

Lil' Joey-Joe

*WHEW...is it hot in here?* HOLY CRAP IS THIS PIC AWESOME or WHAT?!

Stacey's boy...Jon

(this is for you girlie)

But I'm gonna let you add your faves of Jon!


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