Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hidalgo Show Recap

Hey all--

So my show is over, sadly, they are on to a new city. For those that are going to see them this spring...HAVE A BLAST!!! Who knows how long this will last...I all ready feel it slipping away, and it makes me so sad...we all know it can't last forever, but don't we soooooooooo want it too!! LIVE IT UP, GUYS!!! And now...on with my night on March 7, 2009 in Hidalgo, Texas at the Dodge Arena!!!

Friday, March 6, 2009
9 pm

we went to the hotel...sat and waited...waited some more. Stacey called (that was the most fun of the night talking to her) No sightings except for a crew member---who was hit on quite a bit! LOL--however, in the girls' defense--he walked into the lobby bar, ordered dinner all while his NKOTB jacket hung over his bar stool. LOL...so I'm thinking he was OK with that.


Still no sightings...time to pack it up and go home, after all tomorrow is a big day!! Head out and home.

Saturday, March 7, 2009
3 pm

We start getting ready for the night...I have to be at the venue at 5 pm for the radio winners M&G. I wear my Property of Donnie Wahlberg tee shirt. We head over to the venue and after looking around for about a half hour find the entrance we were supposed to use...which was a confusion in and of itself...but it worked out just fine. So I go in alone and the guy asks me "Did you bring a friend with you?"

5 pm
I explained that I did but I was told it was ONE meet and greet pass and 2 tickets...he looked at me like that's weird...so I asked "Do you normally give out two passes and two tickets?" He shrugged and said "Depends on how the radio station does it" so OK...everyone around me was like "go get your friend, tell her to come back here" I tried to call but couldn't get through--went to voice mail...then I see her walk by the door and rush out to get her. I bring her back in and the label promoter guy says "Is this your friend?" I said yeah, he tore off a wrist band and handed it to her!! YEAH!! we were both going to the meet and greet!! WOO HOOO!!!!!

Finally--ugh it seemed to take forever just sitting there and waiting...but FINALLY we got up to where we needed to be and there on the stage was Joey Mac himself practicing his dance moves...*THUNK* (we were in the area below the Dodge sign in the pic below)

see the little cut out up there?? they were standing in there...we watched Joey do his sexy-lil moves from the two rows above the 111 sign. It was pretty dang cool, if I do say so myself! LOL

Joe before the show working on his moves...

Then Jabbawokeez came out so we watched them warm up....I didn't realize there were so many of those lil buggers...but there are like 10 of them! they were crazy good...their little show was really cute and they have some killer skills. It was super fun to watch. (both practice and the show)


finally the boys came up and out the elevator....*Gasp!* No one screamed...see we can behave in small numbers! :) but the boys wanted screams....we obliged....a small scream filled the air as the guys chatted with each other, Donnie slammed a Red Bull (an ice cold one; I might add), Jordan and Jon were peeking out the window, checking out the Borderfest activities. We whipped out our cameras and started snapping pictures...but the lighting was funky and the camera I started using sucked...so I finally sucked it up and put it away and brought out the big guns---my good 10x zoom...I managed to capture a couple good one's....

finally, it was time to start meeting fans....and wow---was it super fast!!! I realize that they had to get going to ILAA, but a few extra minutes wouldn't have been too much to ask, right?? But my time with Donnie was AMAZING!!! I give ya the run down...

I did talk to him though!!! *everyone applaud! LOL* ok stop, cuz once you hear what I say you'll be groaning with me. Here's what I said when he looked at him---gazed adoringly into my eyes (LMAO!!! hey a girl has to have a dream right?) "You are so handsome!" Someone kill me now...please?! LOL---he grinned and laughed, kinda body checked me and said "Ohhhhh STOP!" Then it was picture time...I HATE myself in these pics...but I'm sharing them anyway---honestly I didn't look that bad...I'll even post a pic of myself to prove it--the Before the show picture....so NO JUDGING ME! LOL But Donnie--he actually looks like he's enjoying himself. Oh and I have no clue what was so funny that had me laughing like a tard...but must have been something cuz he's got a knowing smirk on his face too. God, brain WORK!! what was it?!

Before the show shot....see I do NOT look that horrible!

WTH is up with those funky a$$ pics?! irritates me so much!! but I'm over it..hahahha, yeah right... and oh yeah, that's hangin' tough video playing in the background...where they're playing their air guitars...lol...what a backdrop huh!? hey it seemed fitting at the time.

anyway after photos were taken I asked for a hug from Donnie, he was sweet enough to give me one...two....but then some screeching lady was telling us it was time to go and like the good little girl I am I obeyed and soon it was all over....there's a little more that's close to my heart and I may share it later..but right now--I'm gonna keep it under wraps---not that anyone would believe it anyway! LOL....let's just say Donnie is a VERY intense person with his fans. *SIGH* LOL. sorry to leave you hanging...but it's not that big of a deal to the world but to me it's priceless.

So we headed out of the venue to get our tickets scanned at 7 when the gates opened...and stumbled ourselves into a channel 5 tv interview...which was cool but I was a total dork, thank goodness if they actually aired the interview I missed it. Walked out side in the ridiculous crazy strong wind and found myself in a newspaper interview! What? Are we're just mini-celebrities now, or what!?! LOL...unfortunately, I never saw any of that footage either! LOL... we must be a bad interview!!! hahahaha.


7 pm

Finally it was time to get into the venue!! WOO HOO, LET'S GET THIS!!! (hahahaha, I'm such a cheese ball!) We had 12th row to the right...good seats, until some girls came in with a sign on sticks that they held up and literally blocked like a group of 4 seats straight behind them...and they were directly in front of us. GRRRRR!!! They started off with Call It What You Want...which I totally loved...it was great!! Some have said they miss Single as the opening line but seriously Call It What You Want rocked the house down!!!

We shot back to "B" stage and it was so packed back there but we got 3 row approx...since it's not exactly "rows" we were the third body back from the stage...it was a crush though--as soon as they started singing it was a forceful shove forward, pushing me almost to 2nd body---but she held tough and I was half 2nd body half third...I got some good pics, I should have zoomed out but honestly I could hardly move! LOL...I did get my sing noticed by Donnie (another plus of the night) and then like the polite person I am..I PUT IT DOWN! mission accomplished...why torture everyone behind me still? *COUGH*peopleinfrontofme*COUGH* grrrr.

Pics from the B stage:

Joe did his solo and he really rocked it, just keep an eye out when you go---if your sitting in the front row bring an umbrella or rain coat..the boy sprays it like a shower when he's singing....but if that's how he gets the passion in it..then so be it...just let me get my slicker! LOL (hahahaha, who says slicker these days?!) He changed up what he sings..it's more the Euro version of his solo...and it's GOOD!

Jordan kept in Baby I Believe in You---and Danny break dances...as you saw Donnie does Cover Girl again and the boy sported TEXAS BOXERS!!! damn you gotta LOVE that!!! (but what's not to love about him, right?) I'm fully obsessed--it's very clear...nothing has changed in 20 years...not one itty bitty thing!!! and I'm lovin' every second!!!
If you have any questions about the show, my meet and greet or anything just drop me a line..I'll be happy to share whatever...I just don't want to bore everyone here to tears....can't wait for Stacey's turn...cuz NEW KIDS ARE BACK and they are better than ever!!!! I need a good tee shirt for the cruise...any idea's ladies?! something with DONNIE all over it! LMAO!!!


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  1. omg...I was there at the soundcheck too! I had 5* m&g, but I haven't gotten my soundcheck picture yet. Where did you get it and do you have any other groups pics at the sound check?


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