Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Martini Minute with New Kids on the Block: On Sex, Hangin’ Tough & Debbie Gibson

If you would have told my 9 year old self that almost 20 years later I would be coming face to face (“Or breasts to face in some instances.” — 6 ft. tall me) with New Kids on the Block, I probably would have slapped you in the face, slammed my door, slapped some bracelets on my wrists and spooned my body pillow for hours on end, weeping from nerves at the thought. Never really did have too many friends as a child.

Thankfully, NKOTB did not hold these awkward early years against me as they agreed to sit down with me for another installment of “Martini Minute.” The room was admittedly cramped over atLate Night with Jimmy Fallon, where we met merely hours before their solid Late Nightperformance.

And there they sat, the 5 of them — Joey McIntyre, Danny Wood, Donnie Wahlberg, Jordan and Jonathan Knight — looking hotter than I even remembered, and ready to bare all about what life was like on the road and beyond as one of America’s most beloved boy bands. We cover everything: Debbie Gibson, the fans, sexual point systems, kneetouches, upcoming gigs, and most importantly… rat tails.

This interview will answer at least 9 of your most burning NKOTB questions. Here’s to you, Danny Wood. *clink*

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  1. Wow, that woman sucks. Is it just me, or was she seriously annoying? They were so nice to her...


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