Friday, May 15, 2009

We're Countin' it down....

2.5 hours until we board the ship!!! we're just waiting for our ride!! *breathe* can you belive it it's here?! ACK!!! I'm sooo excited. I'm kinda bummed that we missed the birthday party last night but ya know---life happens...it sold out too quickly. Today is on, however!! My flights were---a NIGHTMARE!! but I made and it my luggage made it and so with all the delays, running across the Dallas/Ft. Worth airport and giving up my seat so a couple could sit next to each other (Window sit for a center seat no less) I arrived! Safe and sound and ready to pounce on Donnie! :oP

We'll blog again when we become land-lovers again---but until then....be safe and BON VOYAGE!!!!


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