Thursday, May 14, 2009


Hey guys-
wow in the craziness of this cruise we've been really bad about the picture of the day--so I'm gonna make up for it... *blog follows the pics*


We are not going to LIV in Miami for his birthday party--General Admission was sold out before we even got a hold of everyone to see if that was something we wanted to even do!! That being said I'm not overly heartbroken about it...
A) I'm a Donnie girl, Stacey's a Jon girl and Becca is a Jordan girl...so no one was crushed to miss this.
B) I'm not spending 1200 bucks for a table---for a few hours. (after all I just forked over a "boat" load of money for the cruise!!!
C) I'm NOT boarding that ship half crazed from lack of sleep (that will come while I'm ON the ship) LOL!
Those that are going...TAKE amazing pics and please SHARE with us because it WOULD have been fun....allow us to live vicariously through you! Please?!
I've been planning, packing, planning, repacking and stressing over every minute detail of this cruise...what should I wear, what should I bring, how do we decorate the door....what do I say if I come face to face with one of them completely randomly? Is it rude to chat them up? That's why they're on there though, right?? But I don't wanna intrude! If I could speak...would I? Blah, blah blah, round and round we go...but I leave in approx 5 hours for Miami---it's too late to change anything, it's about fun, sun, friends and fans....oh yeah...and THE GUYS!!!! lol.
I loved the anticipation of this cruise---the build up, the countdown, the final hours....the excitement that's too great to allow sleep at this point (I've been up since 3 am) I know I'll crash and burn...but that can wait until Monday--this is LIFE...This is LIVING...THIS IS IT!!! The time has arrived...I'm ready.
So I toss on my bikini, slide on my sunglasses, toss my hair back and soak it all in....until Donnie, Danny, Joey, Jordan or Jon walk by and I forget to breathe, or worse, forget to suck in my stomach, or maybe I accidentally smack Stacey too hard trying to get her attention or trip over my own feet while trying to play it off like I meant to do that. But I won't be alone...1,999 other girls will be doing the exact same thing---so I'm in good company. After all this is NKOTB's 2nd time around, I would hope they were used to us all by now!!!

PS...bloggin' when I get back---so until Monday....*HUGS*

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